Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And the inspector said ...

Faye has a wonderful sister, Joyce. This morning there was one bedroom that still needed cleaned out, until Joyce arrived at 6:30am and climbed through a window to get in and finish the room! (I think I might be related to her)

The team worked in our warehouse all day today. There was a surprise awaiting them, and us, as it was flooded with all the rains last night. It wasn't anything they couldn't handle though, with the help of some good push brooms and opening the doors to dry things out as much as possible when you are located next to the river and in a swamp! Ron manned the forklift, good thing he does this for a living, and they spent the day organizing and cleaning. What an amazing result and it's actually organized to make some sense! Ron will return tomorrow morning to finish up on a couple of things and we will pronounce it done! This is such an enormous help to us as this warehouse will be housing some donated windows, patio doors and furniture over the next few weeks and space had to be made! We are so thankful to the team for the great job they did. It was quite warm in there and most of them were more than dirty at the end but they made it through and still had their sense of humor in tact!

Yes, the inspector came to Faye and Mike's this afternoon. We were there waiting, along with Project Recovery! The Pascagoula inspector was such a warm and kind gentleman. We look forward to working with him. He said the structure itself is sound and we are cleared to rebuild it. We will be pulling another building permit in order to rebuild the addition but that is easy. Rebuilding it might not be so easy but we will get it done! We are excited about finishing the tear out tomorrow. By the end of the day it will be down to studs only and we will have tarped the roof to stop the water from flowing in. These past 2 nights it has absolutely poured down rain and the inside of the house is soaked! We thank God that Mike and Faye are safe, sound and dry in their new home!

In rebuilding this home we are taking a step of faith unlike any we have taken. As I said, the addition that was started is completely incorrect and against all building codes. It will most likely have to be taken down and redone. You have seen the photos from the past few days and know the problems we must overcome. Much of the existing flooring has holes in it and will need rebuilt. There are areas where it will need jacked up and corrected. The entire roof will need redone, including the roof decking. It will be a step by step process, each step taken to the Lord in prayer first! Please join us as we will need the Lord's guidance and wisdom! And we will need volunteers!!! Without them this cannot happen! They (YOU) are the keys to completing this rebuild!

For an idea of some of the things we will be needing; lumber of all sizes, roof and floor decking, wall and ceiling insulation (rolls), everything electrical you can think of as the entire house will need rewiring, plumbing will also need redone, kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, we would like to put in a handicapped shower unit, toilet, kitchen counter tops, all appliances ... and this is only the beginning but something for all of you to take to prayer.

I had an idea and am praying someone else will agree. It would be awesome for people or organizations to "adopt" this family and do what they could in providing supplies. This could be done through fund raisers or from taking up special offerings, or whatever means you could think of. This family is desperate and they do not have the financial means to purchase anything!!! And I mean anything! You could be an extension of God Himself in doing this. Take it to prayer, think about it and discuss it with others. Then just comment on the end of the blogs and I will get back with you. If you include personal information on the blog I will make sure it is not published. All comments are viewed by us before being published, for the privacy of the person commenting. May the Lord bless you as you consider blessing these people!

Tomorrow is a big day, the last day for the Pennsylvania team. They have been such a wonderful blessing to us and to so many families here. We wish they could stay longer. To Mike and Faye they are angels!!!! God always sends us His best and we are so thankful to Him for doing so. Mainly we are just thankful to be here, to be His hands and feet and we pray that when people see us they see Him!

Until tomorrow ... be a blessing so it will come back to you and you can bless some more!
Susan and Monty

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