Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome Pennsylvania - It's hot!

Pennsylvania got started today, and came to the understanding of what hot is --- and it's not that hot here now! Today we had the usual sun with the occasional thunderstorm mixed in and around 90, not bad compared to what we have had.

The team divided themselves into 2 teams. One team went to Delores's, which you see in the last 4 photos. They were busy sanding, painting and whatever she needed. Delores is one of those extremely organized women who has the finish list for her entire house - on paper! She is one of the best job site superintendents I have ever seen! We need to hire her when she is done with her own house! One of the members of this team is a music teacher, which is what Delores retired from -- one of those God things again! They enjoyed their time there and will be returning tomorrow to continue working away at Delores's list!

The second part of the team went to Faye and Mike's to get started cleaning out their house! What a job that was, and will be for the next couple of days! The pastor is with this team and he decided the best way to get some of their larger furniture out was to rent a UHaul truck - fantastic idea! They got most of it out and into the storage unit that Faye rented this morning in preparation for the team. You can see the family photo above along with Monty and his new "lady"! How can you not fall in love with her wonderful smile! Both of her grown children were there lending their hands and then here came her sister, who called herself the "black angel"! -What a ball of fire and a joy to be around. The entire family was there throughout the day, doing what they could and trying to keep Mike from doing anything but supervising! This team realized what happens inside the house when it rains - it rains inside the house! The sun did come out and helped to partially dry things. The team will be returning tomorrow to keep on going and keep on blessing.

We did learn today that the city inspector will be meeting us at Faye and Mike's house this Wednesday afternoon and hopefully they will make the decision as to whether we gut the house and start on rebuilding or declare it structurally unsound and then they do the demolition and we start from scratch! Either way, we have our work cut out for us! The only thing we do know for certain at this point is that God knows the outcome and all we need to do is follow His direction and all will be to His glory! Please continue to keep this family in your prayers as Mike will be having kidney dialysis tomorrow and that pretty much sends him to the bed for the rest of the day! Atleast now he has a cool, dry and comfortable home in which to lay down! Praise the Lord!

Word came to us today that the Convoy of Hope video that was made here a few weeks ago is nearly ready. If you remember, they are making it as a plea to keep the volunteers coming to the coast. It will be available to any church who would like a copy. I'll try and let you know when we receive ours as they will then be available to anyone requesting one. The volunteers are critical to this relief effort and we desperately need them (YOU) to keep coming. We thank those of you who have already been here and truly understand what is happening here!

Until tomorrow ... blessings to all of you ... Susan and Monty

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