Sunday, September 03, 2006

Picnic Day

Working down here day after day, where the actual dates are forgotten most of the time, where one day runs into another, Sunday becomes even more special. Today was that special day for us.

We joined our team from Texas for lunch after church and then headed to Pastor Rick's home for an afternoon picnic. The team had errands to run to prepare for working tomorrow. We stopped in the picnic and then headed back to catch a bit of rest and finish some last minute projects to also prepare for tomorrow.

The team took the opportunity to make the drive along the beach on highway 90 into Biloxi and toward the west. They wanted to see the reality of things, even a year later. They came back just like all teams do -- shocked --- and even more so because of the length of time! We have a DVD made by one of the Biloxi television stations that we show to all teams. The filming started before the storm and continued through it and then shows the devastation afterward. It will leave you speechless, nearly unable to breathe as you watch it. It means even more if you have done what they did, took the tour today and saw the results with your own eyes!

They are ready to get going tomorrow and it will be the usual Monday of getting settled into the job they will be doing. We are so thankful to them for taking the time from their busy schedules and coming here to be such a wonderful blessing to those who so desperately need them. We ask for prayers for their families that are back in Texas, that they will be fine while their loved ones are here, working for the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers for all of us. The heat is still intense, they will be working in a home without air conditioning and doing work they are not used to doing, sleeping in conditions they are not used to and eating differently than their normal routines. Pray for strength, health, wisdom and patience! These things are needed by all of us all the time, but even more so working in relief efforts such as these!

Thank you for your prayers and be sure and watch for the blessings that WILL be coming this week with our Texans! God is awesome and has something special for each one of the volunteers that are here! He will have something special for you, too, if you would like to come and volunteer.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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JD said...

God bless you as you work on our Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have linked your blog in my blogpost for today. A Bloomington friend connected us!