Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blessed to be a blessing

Ever seen blue crabs before? We hadn't until we got here. It's been months ago when we watched people catching them and decided to make the "big" purchase ourselves and give it a try. We got the nets at Walmart for $1.50 each and they have been in the back of the van for all those months. Today was the day! We packed up ourselves, our dogs, some water and the bait - which is turkey necks! You tie the turkey (or chicken) necks in the bottom of the basket type nets. Then you just drop the basket in the water, letting it drop to the bottom and wait. Monty caught 2 within minutes. I, on the other hand, took a bit longer but did finally catch a couple of good size ones! Monty got his "training" from Linda, the lady in the photo. She was there with her family but we soon learned that family may not be so "family" when it comes to crabbin'. To each his own! :) We had some fun and ended up giving our big catch to Linda along with our basket nets! She had a cooler full of them and they will make some good meals for them.

Once again at church service this morning they had to set up chairs for the overflow of people! God is growing this church each and every week and it's awesome. And yes, Mike and Faye were there, along with their older son, Mike. Dad Mike wasn't feeling well at all but he made it and left with a smile. I know they will be back and I also know they will be blessed even more than they already are! God works that way!

And that is exactly what this mornings lesson was about - giving! Pastor Rick gave us the 4 principles of giving and reminded us that giving of our first and best fruits is what God commands us to do! Not out of what is left over!

I think we should all note the 4 principles he spoke of:

1. God owns it all anyway!
All of our giving is a spiritual decision. What we do have is given by God for us to manage.

2. Remember that we are in a growth process.
We cannot serve both God and the bank. We are to choose the right thing over the easy one.

3. The amount isn't important!
It's what we do with what we are given that counts. God gives us more so we can bless others and then we are blessed again! (think about that and re-read if needed)

4. Faith requires action!
When the Lord speaks to us we are to be obedient and follow His direction for our lives. We don't want to miss the blessing He has for us.

All of these points helped me to better understand giving. I hope they help you also.

All of the over 350,000 volunteers that have come to the coast to help after Katrina understand that faith requires action and they have acted --- in a BIG way! I have said it before and will continue saying it --- DO NOT speak negatively about our government in regard to this disaster! They did what they could when they could! Our country has never experienced a disaster as widespread as Katrina and NO ONE could have been prepared! NO ONE!

It's about time we Christians stepped up to the plate and did what God has commanded us to do since the beginning of time! SERVE OTHERS! BE A BLESSING! CHANGE LIVES!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have done so! You will be blessed!

We thank our home church, and all of the churches who have supported us with prayers while we have been here doing the best we can to fulfill the calling God has placed on our lives to serve and give. Without those prayers this would be an impossible mission!

We thank Convoy of Hope and every other relief organization who has stepped up to the plate and served. It takes each and every one of these organizations doing their parts and then all of us combining together to rebuild homes and rebuild lives! We are humbled to be here, and we ARE blessed!

Until tomorrow when we start a new week with our new team from Pennsylvania ... May God bless you as you serve in the capacity He has called you. Susan and Monty

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