Tuesday, September 05, 2006

There when I needed them most

Puppy love is awesome, isn't it! It's hard to tell who loves who the most here! Denise's brother is the owner of the little puppy but we sure had fun with her yesterday!

The next photo is of Denise's house, complete with car in the driveway and FEMA trailer to the side. Everything packed into such a small space! Most homes around here look like this.

Texas team was busy again today with hanging more sheetrock, taping, mudding and sanding and then sanding some more! I think they are really starting to get the hang of it! By tomorrow they will either be professionals or quit!! :)

For us this team has been great! They are willing to get in there, way out of their comfort zone, and learn whatever they need to in order to get the job done! They just have the hearts of servants and we thank them for everything they are doing!

This team is also doing something we have not had a team do before. They are staying at a local campground! They brought down one RV and rented a couple of cabins to go with it. It was something they wanted to do and planned ahead for it and it's great for them! We miss having them around here in the evenings but have decided we will just go to their place for a change! :)

Monty spent the day working with the team, until I called and had a "problem"!!??
I was driving back from taking photos of the team when I heard a clanging noise at the rear of the van. Before I could wonder about what it might have been I heard a big bang and knew I had a blowout on the back tire! All I could do was get to the side of the road and the local policeman was right behind me. Before I could even complete my call for help to AAA the policeman had the tire changed! He asked to remain nameless, said he was just doing his job! I don't think his job description included crawling underneath the van, in the dirt, on a 95 degree day and changing my tire! I thank him for taking the time and being so thoughtful! And I will not reveal his identity --- but he knows who he is and I say THANK YOU!! I did make it to Walmart on the spare that was totally dryrotted and they replaced the blown one with a new one! God is good!

This evening we once again attended the monthly dinner meetings held for this district of Assembly churches. This evening's hosts were Liberty Assembly and the meal was fantastic! I need to find that lady who made the awesome Oreo Pie --- there are no words!!!! Delicious!!!!
The meeting is such a wonderful time of fellowship with other pastors and their wives, to find out what all is going on in the district and for us, to really feel a part of the city and the church! The guest speaker spoke about a new ministry he is starting, placing pastors at Nascar race tracks to reach out to the drivers! What an idea! And it has already caught on and is changing lives at each race! Just an example of all the ways God places people out there, doing His work, spreading His word!

We also were shown a picture of the new disaster relief building that Liberty is building. It will combine a food pantry to serve those in need along with a youth facility -- the best of two worlds! It looks to be an amazing facility and will be such a tremendous blessing when another disaster takes place! They are currently running a pantry, and have been since the storm. Pastor told us they still serve over 60 families per week, and they are only open 3 days a week! We pray God will continue to bless their efforts and the lives of those they are touching!

It was also great to hear that our Pastor friends that had been meeting in a tent since the storm finally have their temporary building complete and are now having church again --- with air conditioning and without bugs! They will hopefully begin breaking ground on their new permanent facility within the next few months! Please keep them in your prayers as they have lost so much with the storm and are such an incredible group of friends to us that we would love to see get really settled into church again! They are now going to be able to get back to their Sunday night services and will be having mid week Bible studies also! Praise God!

As you can see, it was a busy and blessed day! We once again thank you, the people, and Convoy of Hope for allowing us to be here working for our Lord! It's an amazing blessing and we feel honored to be such a small part of the big picture!

PS. Our "need a miracle" family update ---- the counselors are meeting with them tomorrow and have put the wheels in motion to get them into safe housing and are working on getting an analysis of the structural condition of their home! PLEASE continue to keep them in your prayers! Today was Mike's dialysis day and he isn't feeling well.

Until tomorrow ... may God bless and keep you .... Susan and Monty

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