Friday, September 08, 2006

The miracle has started ...

Thanks to all of you and all of your prayers the miracle has begun!

Allow me to introduce Mike and Faye to you. This is the couple I spoke about a few days ago when I titled "we need a miracle". If you didn't read, please go back and do so as I don't want to retell it again.

In these photos you will meet the both of them, see their brand new mobile home from the outside, see Faye in her new BIG bathroom and then see them with Monty and their grandson, who they are raising! You can literally feel the joy coming from the photos!

I want to back up and tell you the whole story!

The morning began with it being the last day of work for our team from Texas. It was also the day where we were blessed with a visit from 4 people from California. They flew in last night and were here to check things out. They are making plans to send a group of senior high students and adults here to Gautier next spring. They needed to make this trip in order to make some major decisions. They requested a trip around the area and into some homes we have been working in. They only had 5 hours to spend here before flying back home.

Monty went with the Texans to wrap up the sanding and finishing of Denise's house. He also had to stop in and check on the progress of the truck repairs. We did bring it back home this evening, a bit better but still needing the transmission rebuilt. It will need to wait a few weeks as the truck is needed back on the job for now.

I left with the Californians. We toured the cities, seeing everything that still needs to be done, and they were more than shocked! "Why hasn't this been in the news?" was a popular question. The only answer I can come up with is that it is old news by now!? We stopped in at Denise's house and they had the opportunity to meet and talk with her as today was her day off of work. From there we traveled along the coastline seeing even more homes in devastation. They had asked if we could drive by Faye and Mike's as they had heard our conversation about them this morning in devotions. Of course, we drove by and when we did their son came out, wondering who we were. When he saw me he went and got his mother who invited all of us to get out and come in. She continually apologized for the house but wanted them to see what it was really like! And see they did! There were tears flowing and hearts breaking! Reality can be harsh sometimes! We were able to spend some time talking with them and giving any attempts at hope that we could. While we were there FEMA called Faye with the news that they had their paperwork for emergency housing completed but would need a deposit of $250 - $300 before they could move any further. Faye told them she didn't have it and that they would just have to wait!? At that point she noticed I was watching and asked if I would speak with them, hoping we could get the fee waived. FEMA was extremely kind and considerate but explained that the money was for the deposit on the trailer, a deposit to get the power turned on and another deposit to have the water turned on. They had a trailer, right here in a mobile home park in Gautier that was ready --- today!! I reassured FEMA that I would have that deposit money, no matter what. They agreed to go ahead with the process and would call me back in a couple of hours. In less than 30 minutes they called me back --- we need to make the deposit payments and they can get the keys to their new home! (It's now 12 noon and I am in the van with the California team driving down the road) I will need to contact Faye and make sure they can meet me and get all of this paperwork completed and get to all of the deposit places before 5pm today! At this point I really have no idea where this deposit money will come from but I DO know God will provide! Just then the California team speaks up and says they ARE paying the deposit money! They said THIS is why God sent them here today! I am in no place to argue and can only thank them from the bottom of my heart! I called Faye and they will meet us in 2 hours! She can only cry at the thought of a new home, not really knowing that it is a full size mobile home at this time!

By now I have been on the phone with FEMA 3 more times. The gentleman I worked with was incredible. He told me he knew the medical state of both of them and especially Mike. He pulled some strings and got them placed just where he knew would be best for them! It was such a blessing when we got to the office and finally met him! He was truly sent by God!

We managed to sign the lease, meet the park supervisor, pay the lease deposit, pay the electric deposit, pay the water deposit and have it inspected in one hour. We were told it might be Monday before the power would be turned on. That was fine with Mike and Faye. Not so fine with GOD! When we returned to see their new home, the power guy had followed us back and turned on their power! The water was already on! They could move in! Seeing the miracle??

When we walked into that home with them it was ... I don't know if I have the words! The tears flowed, the smiles were uncontrollable and the shouts of "glory to God" were probably heard by the neighbors! It was beautiful! It was completely furnished! All they need are some bed linens and clothes from home and they are set! Seeing more of the miracle??

Mike had been through dialysis yesterday and was really feeling rotten when we stopped to see them this morning. He could hardly stay standing! This afternoon, after us taking him to all of the places to get everything done, in and out of the van; when we walked into his new home he couldn't sit down! He tried but only got up and would go and look at things again and again! Faye fell in love with her big bathroom --- thus the photo of her in the bathroom! The FEMA gentleman planned ahead --- this mobile home is handicapped accessible!!! To God be the glory!

Mike and Faye and the 5 year old grandson that they are raising are most surely enjoying their night sleeping with air conditioning, without mold and with peace!!!!

For this miraculous day we thank YOU, the people, for all of your prayers! Without you this would not have happened the way it did! We thank FEMA for everything they did! Without them this would not have happened the way it did! We thank Project Recovery fot what they did. Without them this would never have happened! To Amy and Mike -- may God bless you abundantly! You are angels! And we thank Carol, Paul, Darien and Lynda from California for their generosity and their love! We look forward to seeing all of you next spring! May God shower His blessings on each and every one of you who made this day possible!

Most of all we would like to thank Convoy of Hope! Without them allowing us to be here on the ground, doing what we are doing, we would not have shared in this day of miracles! These are the days that refuel us, days that God tells us that we ARE doing what He called us to do, days of such joy that no amount of paycheck could EVER cover! THIS IS WHAT THIS MISSION IS ALL ABOUT!

And most most most of all we want to thank our home church family, Vineyard Community Church! YOU have made this entire mission possible for us! YOU have been there for us from day one! YOU are what keep us going! YOU ARE OUR FAMILY AND WE LOVE YOU!

Mike and Faye have said they will be at church with us this Sunday! "To God be ALL the glory!"

Our family has grown --- again! YOUR family has grown! God's family has grown!

We say goodbye to Texas this evening and thank them for everything they have done this past week. We love all of you and will miss you, but we also know we WILL see you again! And thank you for sharing in this day of blessings! We pray for your safe travel home tomorrow!

To all of you, from both of us, keep the prayers going. We have a long road ahead of us in the rebuilding of Mike and Faye's home, however it gets done! But the miracle HAS started and God will make sure it keeps going. Only He has the divine plan and we pray to be obedient to that plan!

Thank you again! Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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