Saturday, September 09, 2006

He slept all night - and snored!

Yes, first thing this morning Faye called me telling me that Mike not only slept through the night last night, but he woke her up with his snoring! And she was thrilled! For weeks he has been waking with nightmares during the night and she felt as though the snoring was music!

Both she and Mike have probably thanked us over a thousand times and we continually tell them (they already know) that it's all God. He's just working through us. And for that, we thank Him. She also assured us that they will be at church tomorrow morning! We will be watching for them!

I still feel as though someone needs to pinch me to verify that yesterday really happened as it did. I know we pray and ask for miracles and should NOT be shocked when they happen. We are taught to pray with expectation but when the miracles are as many and as continuous as yesterday I still am surprised!

Once again we thank ALL of you out there who have been praying. It's YOUR prayers that make the difference! From what I heard today, there are prayers coming all the way from places like New Zealand and abroad --- thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Today was a day to slow down a bit and yet get prepared for our team from Pennsylvania who are due to arrive later tonight. They have been on the road for 2 days now and will be ready to relax and stretch when they get here. We are so thankful for volunteers who make such a long trip in order to be a blessing to others!

We also spoke with our Texans who left this morning and all seemed to be going smoothly on their trip home. Denise and her family extend their sincere thanks and appreciation for everything this team accomplished! Angels indeed!

I have a special prayer request for tomorrow. You may remember that our neighbor ladies from home were to leave for their big move to Pittsburg over a month ago when Frances, who is 94 years "young" fell and broke her hip the night before they were to leave. She has been doing well and in rehabilitation for the past weeks. Tomorrow is the big day-- they are getting on a plane tomorrow morning and heading to their new home. I would like to ask for prayers for them. These past weeks have been very stressful and tomorrow will be both stressful and a relief. Please pray for safe travel, for continued healing and for a sense of peace when they arrive in their new home and are near family! Our home church has grown to love these ladies almost as much as I do and they know how difficult it has been for us to remain here with all that has been happening with them. There are no words to express our sincere thanks to all of our church families who have stepped in and cared for our ladies as they have! We know you are "just doing what you do" and we love you so very much! THANK YOU ALL!

When we all attend our homes of worship tomorrow morning we all have so much to be thankful for! We all need to count our blessings alot more than we do! When you go to church tomorrow, please give God all the glory! Our God is an awesome God and we are a blessed people!

Until tomorrow ... Yea God, Boo devil! Susan and Monty

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