Friday, September 15, 2006

Goodbye Pennsylvania

Mother and son with Faye and Mike's 5 year old grandson, Jacquez, who really got a kick out of the masks worn while Penn was doing the tear out on his grandparents home!

Our Penn team was up and ready to roll early this morning. Some of them were showing signs of "wear" but kept on going to the end. They were determined to finish the tear out on Mike and Faye's house before leaving around noon. They worked and worked and were even more than a couple of hours later than planned when they finally did get on the road! It was so difficult to see them go and it was evident by the expressions on both Mike and Faye's faces as the team drove away from their house! The bond that was formed between them and Faye and Mike will last a lifetime! It's just something that is so hard to describe and something that has to be experienced to fully understand! Although it is only a week by the calendar, it seems like a lifetime when you are here, bonding with each other! God orchestrates the entire relationship thing and He never makes mistakes!

Delores came by to say goodbye and she also has added even more team members to her growing family! Mona will forever live in Tom's heart, his "angel", as he called her! Sometimes the friendships built are stronger than if they had been going on for a lifetime! Like I said, it's just something you have to experience to fully comprehend!

This morning our Convoy of Hope leaders, Fory and Cindi came for a visit. They came bearing gifts, and what gifts they are! They came in contact with a 93 year "young" lady who found a way she could be a part of the relief effort. She started making quilts, the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen, and didn't stop until she made 100 of them! Yes, you read correctly, 100 of them! And she vows to continue! Fory and Cindi brought 40 of them here to The Refuge as a gift to Pastor Rick and Vicky to use as blessings to others! What beautiful blessings they will be! We thank this wonderful lady for continuing to fulfill the calling God placed on her life and for not allowing her age "number" to limit her in any way! I have said it before and it's worth repeating, there is ALWAYS a way for someone to volunteer and be a part of this disaster relief! One just needs to listen to the Lord and one will hear His answer! What is He telling you to do?

Monty and I would just like to send our thanks and love to the Penn team. They labeled themselves as "unskilled" but they were only thinking along the lines of construction. This team had exactly the skills that were required for this week! They were each hand selected by God for specific areas of rebuilding and each one answered the call of God! Most anyone can be taught a construction skill or two but NOT everyone can come filled with as much empathy, compassion and love as this team did! THAT is a gift and they made the decision to use that gift as God directed them! For that skill, "thanks" just doesn't cut it ... but it's all we've got!

Penn team --- we know you will be "adopting" Mike and Faye and Mike Jr.. Monty and I will be blessed by your adopting them, and for that --- may God pour out His blessings on all of you!

Until tomorrow .... God gives us blessings so we can give them to others and in turn receive even more blessings! You were blessings to us and we love you all! GET SOME REST!!!!

Susan and Monty

PS Tomorrow is Monty's birthday so if you know him, call him and wish him a happy birthday!

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