Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Birthday DeeDee!

This is Monty's silloette picture. It's really me scrubbing the stained windows in the entry of the church from all the overspray left by the painter!

Today is the day where I felt as though I had "hit a wall" and was really tired. Having a total crew of volunteers numbering over 70 causes this place to be quite busy and at all hours! Since the days don't really have names and the work is the same whether it's Monday or Saturday I think I am just tired! The weather was beautiful, sunshine and breezy so I did take some time to sit under the canopy on our trailer and just reflect and go through my devotions. The thing that helped me the most was the chance to wash my hair! I know it sounds silly but that is a special deal around here! Even though we are able to shower in our trailer we don't have enough hot water for me to shower and wash my hair. So the daily shower works but the hair is something that gets put off and put off! There is a deep construction sink in the hallway and it works great so I took the time to do that and it made me feel much better! I guess it's the little things! :)

It was also laundry time and this trip was quite uneventful. There was enough room at the laundry mat, which usually isn't the case.

Monty and DeeDee and Meow were busy in the small building right next to the school. It is currently used as a place to put most anything and everything, most of it needing to go to the curb for trash pickup! DeeDee used the trunk of her car to move things from there to the warehouse and they made progress in getting it more organized and usable. We hope to turn it into a tool shop where everything can be organized and accounted for.

Our group of 42 from Calvary Chapel in Pennsylvania left this evening. I have never seen so much "stuff" packed into vehicles in my life! But they managed to get it all in, along with the people and they pulled out after 6pm for the very long trip home. They made such a powerful impact on the families they have been working with! One of the homeowners came by to say goodbye to them and 2 of the teens rushed up to him and hugged on him like he was their grandpa! Once again, THIS is what this mission is all about! As I have said before, and will continue to say, rebuilding the structures is a small part of the relief work!

DeeDee continued her video taping of the school teachers and students and their stories of the storm. She has some fantastic, heart wrenching footage that she plans on sharing with our church family at home! Interviewing them was both hard, and yet good, for them. Remembering all the horror and mess and fear required re-living it in a way. It was painful for them yet healing. They mentioned that some of the best volunteer work had been done by those who just came in and prayed for them! This is something every one of you can do from the comforts of your own home! Please do so! As she also said, "you can watch us on TV and read about us in the papers, but until you have been here and walked in our shoes, you have no idea what it is really like!" AMEN!

Our Tennessee group finished the structural changes in another teacher's home today. They actually finished a day early and the homeowners are exstatic! When you bring in 7 volunteers with all of those extra hands it is amazing what can be accomplished in a short amount of time! They also came in and within 4 days they changed lives, both in residents here and in their own lives! We are thankful to Michelle who was the only woman with 6 men! (she was the one to keep them all in line!)

We went out to celebrate DeeDee's birthday this evening! We went to a local buffet and had a really nice time. It was extra nice that she got 2 phone calls from home with wishes for a happy birthday! She also learned that she is not only missed by them but her little Yorkie, Frisky is a bit lethargic and missing her very much! Next time DeeDee just needs to bring her with her! Samson and Bitty would like the company! :)

One of the teachers, Miss Linda, baked brownies and chocolate fudge which came in handy for birthday. Although these "brownies" reminded of something my friend, Ellen, would make. The brownie was covered with a layer of chocolate, then carmel and topped with nuts! Thanks Linda, everyone sure enjoyed them!

Tomorrow will be spent preparing for the next group of volunteers which will arrive Sunday. We are expecting another 74 for the week and know God's blessings will be pouring through them to people all over the city! Please keep them all in your prayers for safe travel and blessings to flow like a river from them to others!

If you would like to help in supporting us in our mission you can send your tax deductible gifts to us through Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina Fund" on your gift as 100% of your gift is sent to us and 100% is used to bless those who have suffered, and are still suffering, from the hurricane! Without your gifts we would not be able to do God's work! We thank you for opening your hearts and being a part of this mission!

Until tomorrow....we love you all.....Susan and Monty

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Kim said...

Hi Monty and Susan... just read the journal, hadn't done so in a while. Sounds like you are hanging in there and really starting to help make a difference. Guess it's all "one day at a time", huh?

Hope we can say HI if and when you get back here sometime in the near future.

Till then, take care of yourselves.

Kim and Wally Hansford (your neighbors in Bloomington)