Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sunburned on the 1st of March???

Surprise! We are showing 3 photos this evening!

The top one is me standing in front of what was a solid steel lighthouse along the coastline. You can see the concrete base next to me. The lighthouse was literally picked up off the foundation and moved about 50 yards and layed over in the field! The power it took to do this is beyond imagination!

The next photo is the crew from North Carolina that came to help. They were awesome. The 3 that came and helped us sort and organize all of the school supplies were a blessing beyond words! Two were women and where some people might have classed them as "unskilled" we do not believe there is any such thing! There is something for everyone and a place where God will use them to excel and bless the people as He wants to do! North Carolina, we thank you!

The next photo is our "babies". Bitty is the brown one, part Chihuahua and part MinPin. She is nearly 5 years old and quite the leader! Samson is a Chinese Crested Hairless. Yes, I said hairless! This was taken before we left home, thus the sweater. The only hair he has is on his head, end of his tail and tops of his feet! Okay---we admit---he is a freak but we love him dearly! He loves it here because he can go without his sweater and he is already getting darker due to the sun!

Monty spent the entire day underneath the truck working on dropping the transmission and replacing the clutch! There will be photos of this at another time, for sure! He did manage to get some extra help this afternoon. What a job this is! We want to thank Rick, Dudley and the Fagan men for their hard, greasy work, not to mention the great company that kept them laughing in what was not a funny situation! We had reached a point where it would not shift into gear and discovered this is what needed done! The next project will be finding out why our van doesn't run when wet! Monty has had just about enough of mechanical work! I must say I don't blame him! I will be taking the van to have the 2 front tires plugged tomorrow. The nails, bolts and screws around here are unending and unavoidable. Like I said, it's one vehicle problem after another but God will provide! Thankfully tomorrow is forecast to be another sunny day and highs in the high 70s.

Monty also loaded 145 sheets of sheetrock this evening. Another family that will be able to start the rebuilding process. He actually only got 100 sheets on their truck and will complete it tomorrow. He also has a separate load going out at 8:30 in the morning.

Tim and Sherry returned from their home town in Missouri today. They will be the ones we are working closely with in the relief efforts. They have been here since the first of December. They are also Childrens Crusaders and had a wonderful 2 weeks of crusades. God now has alot more children that accepted Him as their Saviour, the leaders of tomorrow and we are blessed by their choice! Great job, kids! We are happy to see Tim and Sherry and pray God's blessing on the 4 of us as we work together for a common goal! Praise the Lord!

Each Wednesday there is church at 7pm. This evening was awesome! Pastor Ken can really preach the word! At the end he called up all the volunteers and annointed us all and blessed us! It sure brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart! It was as though he could actually see my heart and knew exactly why we are here. Thank you Pastor Ken, it's obvious that you understand and that means alot!

It is quite late this evening and we are both worn out. I will sign off until tomorrow! Oh yea, we heard from a gentleman in Ohio and they are planning on coming to volunteer in April. Each man will be bringing their son with them! How's that for a description of God's family!

Oh, about the sunburn title? We sure are closer to the sun here. I learned that it only takes a short time sitting in the sun doing my daily readings and low and behold, arms, face and neck turned bright red! And I am not fair complected!!

May God bless all of you. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We need prayer to hear and follow what God is directing us to do! And please pray that the mechanical "stuff" will be over soon!

Until tomorrow------we love you----Susan and Monty

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