Saturday, March 11, 2006

A piece of home!!!!!!

This photo is what the side of the streets look like. People tear out and throw out nearly everything inside the house, walls, insulation, ceilings, floors and all furniture that was inside. They take it to the edge of the street in front of their house and the trash picks it up from there. Things are unrecognizable in most cases. These piles are what is left of peoples lives. Driving by them can be very emotional.

We had a pancake breakfast with the senior high group that is here from Georgia before they set out for a day of taping, mudding, priming and painting. These kids are such hard workers and a joy to be around. They work with all their might and seem to enjoy every minute of it. The house they were working in this evening bought pizza for all of them for dinner---what a blessing to everyone involved!

We spent most of our day working inside the church. Monty was taping off the entry of the church in preparation for drywall shooting and then painting. I finished painting 2 rooms to test the color of paint that was donated to us.

Thanks to Chris, the "mechanical minister" we now have both vehicles running well! There aren't enough words to properly thank him! And to top it off, he and his wife and children took us to dinner this evening! They will be leaving Monday morning and once again I will be shedding tears as they have become family!

When we returned from dinner our friends from our home church were here. Keith and his son Jonathon have come down over their spring break to volunteer. Keith was with us when we originally came back in December and after spending a week with someone, day and night, they ARE family! We have been so excited to see them as they bring with them a piece of home----and did they ever! Rob, if you could have seen the look on Monty's face when Keith gave him the drywall screw gun from you------THANK YOU with all our hearts! You are an amazing friend and for you to send that is such a blessing! And then there are the "care" packages sitting on our table that I haven't been able to really get into just yet. I see food and bug spray (thank you), bones for the dogs and yes, mac and cheese for Bitty ( she thanks you!) but I haven't opened the things wrapped in gift paper as I know I will cry. If you all only knew just how much everything means to us and how we miss all of you! I have said it before but it needs repeated; yes, we know God has called us to do this mission but it is very far from home and at times very difficult to be away from all our families! It can be a lonely feeling at times and knowing you all care is enough to keep us going! Cathy, your card and wonderful words of inspiration are such a blessing!

We plan to attend church in the morning and then take Keith and Jonathon on a tour of the coast line taking them to where the eye of the storm went through. The weather is supposed to be wonderful, again. We then will be attending the "tent" church tomorrow evening. We have promised ourselves not to work on Sundays. When you live in the parking lot of the church and have to go inside every time you use the restroom you are never really away from your work. Sundays are the days we must use to get away from it all and take a breather. Taking people along the coastline is the only way for them to see and know the needs of the people. It is something they will never forget! Like I have said before, life-changing!

Thank you again for the care packages and for all the prayers, support and love. We will miss being in our usual seats for worship tomorrow morning but we will be there in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Have a blessed Sunday and worship the Lord with all your hearts. Thank Him for your many blessings and thank Him that you were not living on the coast when this storm hit. Thank Him for all the "usual" things in your lives that we all take for granted. Thank Him over and over again. Then thank Him again!

Until tomorrow....we love you all! Susan and Monty


kevin said...

hey i just wanted to give you a peice of wisdom i learned in gibault and lock up.
you see in those situations were you are confined to a campus many miles from home it can feel just as sucluded from all you know no matter how far from home you are.
ok so heres my advise. live where you are. god has a perpose in you being there and he doesnt want you all up here were we are or he would put you up here. and by this i meen dont live regretting and pining for those you once knew. god will take care of them just like you are being

kevin said...

taken care of. and god will bring you home when he thinks it is time. you will be alright and so will we. so keep in contact but put into perspective your situation.

kevin said...

sorry its 3:45 in the morning and i was feeling especialy simbolic.