Monday, March 13, 2006

Biloxi visiting

We have an entire new group of photos taken today on our trip to Biloxi. The 2 are of highway 90 on the east side of the bridge. This is the highway that we all saw so much of on television. The power of water and wind is displayed here like I have never seen any place else in my life! It took this highway, which was built with double rebar and concrete and crumbled it like a cracker! You can see how it moved and broke into pieces. This highway was about 5 miles across and connected Ocean Springs and Biloxi. I am the one standing on one piece (pink shirt). The second one shows our friend from home, Keith, in the blue t-shirt and white shorts crossing from one piece to another.

The other photo is what used to be someone's home. This house was lifted up completely off of its foundation, turned and dropped. It will no doubt be demolished and is probably waiting on insurance settlements. Remember, this is after nearly 7 months now!

We had a wonderful church service this morning with Tim delivering quite a message. His message was "pressing on toward the goal" and gave 7 keys to accomplishing our goal of living a victorious life and winning the lost to Jesus!

1. respond to our responsibilities

2. forget our failures

3. master your mind (don't make excuses for our past)

4. learn to love

5. conquer criticism (forgiveness)

6. develop determination

7. know God's word

Thank you, Tim for bringing out these points and giving us all something to work toward. Take a few minutes and think about these and then listen for the goal God is leading you to.

From there we stopped and had a bite for lunch and took our trip to Biloxi. Here is Pascagoula most of the homes and buildings are standing but had atleast 8 feet of water that got inside. In Biloxi they got hit by the direct winds of the hurricane. Thus the damage you will be seeing in the next blogs. Most of the buildings along the coastline are gone or so severely damaged that they will be demolished. You don't know if it was a business, restaurant, home or what it was. What it is now is gone! Our friend Keith and his son Jonathan went with us and were also in what is close to a state of shock! It is so difficult to put into words and even the photos we take cannot give you the full idea of what has happened here.

Our hope is that you can see these photos and realize just why Monty and I are here. It looks like this after all these months and even though so much has already been done----there is so much more needing to be done! It can, and is, overwhelming and leaves you with a feeling of where do we start and will it ever get done? Everywhere we go people tell about what they have been, and are still going through. The depression is setting in and you only need a couple of minutes to hear it.

Our high school seniors here from Georgia have heard and felt it. They took church to the family whose house they have been working in. There are a couple of girls who have wonderful voices and are happy to share them with others. These kids are so on fire for God and are such fantastic witnesses to all who are around them. They will be leaving us tomorrow morning and we are very sad to see them go. We pray God will continue to work through they and that they continue to be the wonderful examples of youth we all need to see and know! Thanks, kids! We'll have photos of them on here in a couple of days!

Our 3 man group from Tim's hometown in Missouri arrived tonight and after a 14 hour drive they were exhausted. This week seems to be hometown week with his people here and our people here also. And one of our hometown pastors is supposed to be coming here tomorrow and meet us for lunch! It is so great to have pieces of home here! Goodness knows we have more than enough work to keep them busy!

Once again I want to thank everyone from home who participated in putting together our "care" packages. Rob, only you would know the exact drywall screw gun Monty would need! Kevin, the painting is fantastic and is on our wall. The "Breath Prayer" book was perfect as I need those prayers everyday! Bitty loved (or will) her mac and cheese and they both got some of the treats today. I have already been in the Girl Scout cookies, just what I needed as my dessert this evening! The cross magnet is right on our range hood where we can always see it. The candle "warms" the place nicely. The blue shirt for me is a favorite color and is actually a "nice" shirt that will be good for church services! You all are so wonderful and each of those things, along with the foods, are just what we needed, not to mention giving us some love from home!

We are expecting a semi load of drywall tomorrow and also have quite a few homes to go and check out to see what stage they are in. It will no doubt be another busy day. It's hard to believe we have been here nearly a month already as the days just roll by and it's difficult to keep track of them. I do know that for us, temps in the 80s this time of year are nearly unheard of and we are really enjoying them!

Until tomorrow....may God bless each and every one of you. We love and miss you! Susan & Monty

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penny said...

Hey guys, Been reading about all of the great things you are doing down there. I have been back in church and miss seeing you there. I wanted you to know I got blood tests done and God has taken away the Hep C and things are almost back to normal. You are always in my prayers.