Saturday, April 01, 2006

Clean Up Day

Please allow us to introduce you to Gladys, the owner of our extreme makeover house. Scott is presenting her with a photo of the Indiana group that worked on her house this week. Monty, her daughter Callie (yellow shirt) and some of the group watch. The other photo is her house! Monty is walking through all of the moldy insulation that was the last thing to be pulled from the ceilings. This is taken standing in her kitchen and looking straight through to the front door, where Monty is coming through. It has already come a long way from there and be sure to stay tuned to see the progress. Another team will be coming in Monday morning to keep it going.

Today was clean up day! The Tennessee team and our girls from home both left very early this morning. We had thought we would hear their vehicles start up and run out to say another goodbye but they were just too quiet! We are so thankful for all of them and will miss them so much!

It did seem strange to have only Scott here today! We went from 73 volunteers to 1. The quiet was out of the ordinary!

We did get started just a bit later this morning than usual. Even though the groups did a wonderful job in cleaning up there is always more to do. I got busy in the kitchen area trying to reorganize and re-setup for the next 74 coming in on Sunday. Monty and Scott were finishing the last couple of feet of staining on the church entry way beams. I just couldn't reach that last bit and with Scott being much taller they had it done in no time. Then the job of cleaning up the scissor lift became a 3 person task with all of us being soaked before we were done.

Wendy's was our lunch before making a Walmart trip for a few supplies. This afternoon Monty and I went back to the neighborhood where Calvary Chapel had been doing their houses. There is a home where a husband and wife are trying to do all of the work themselves, and they should not be! Both are elderly and both in poor health. Both of them had been up on the roof trying to rip off they entire roof when their neighbor called us to see if we could stop by and offer our help. We were told to proceed with caution on this one as he was very resistant to help, especially from a church because neither of them are Christians and he did not want to hear about it, they just aren't ready. No problem---as our home church says, meet them where they are at! We drove over and sure enough, he was on the roof but she had gotten down as she didn't feel well. Even though he was a bit hesitant Monty was outstanding! He was just himself, being real, and met the gentleman where he was. We had a nice conversation, he has already done a really good job on the drywall finishing in one room and wants to take it a room at a time, and before the afternoon was over Monty and Scott returned and both of them were on the roof and all of the old black paper and shingles are off. He says he has some family coming in this weekend to do the shingles but Monty convinced him he should have a "laborer" on site every day to just do whatever is needed. Roy thought this was a good idea and was open to that much. The Bible tells us that faith is seen through action and this will be a great place to put that to work. We'll keep you updated but would like for all of you to pray for them, Roy and Velma. They may not be quite ready for God but we all know God is ready for them! Praise God!

We are still awaiting the semi load of drywall that was to have arrived this past Monday. We are now being told it will be here tomorrow or Sunday so there will be no day off for us this weekend. Days all run together anyway and there's not much difference between them! :)

I got busy with new room assignments for the new incoming teams. The men and women are given separate rooms and this week we are so full that I asked Scott to move out of his room and into the sanctuary or hallway to allow the use of his for a group. He has a good size room and we are packed to the gills! He still plans on leaving Tuesday for his next mission trip to Costa Rico and even though we would love to adopt him and have him stay, we know God has awesome plans for him and we agreed to drive him to the airport in Gulfport!

On our way to dinner this evening we were blessed to find the street corner pastor we saw a few weeks ago. This man is really something! If you missed it in the prior readings, he sets up his karoki machine, bright lights, 6 chairs, podium and microphone in a shopping center parking lot and preaches as if he is preaching in the world's largest church! I guess maybe he is! He knows his Bible like no other minister I have ever heard and tells it like it is! There was one other car in the parking lot with us and they were still there when we left! What a blessing to hear this man of God!

We have a special prayer request. Monty's step dad's sister is suffering from cancer and it looks as though her days are numbered. We would really appreciate your prayers for her and all of the family at this difficult time. Thank you!

As we always mention at the end of each entry, if you would like to help support us in this mission please send your tax deductible gift to us through Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please remember to note on your gift "Katrina fund" as 100% of your gift is sent to us! Without your support we would not be able continue answering God's call for our lives. This is a step by step, day by day mission. Lives and homes will not get rebuilt quickly and the longer we are allowed to be here the more trust we are able to build, thus the more people we will be able to reach and bring God's love to. We thank those of you who have already sent in your gifts---you are angels!

Blessings to all of you! Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty miss you all!

PS. To DeeDee and Meow---we miss you already and thank you for bringing a piece of home to us and helping to minister to us! We love you!!!!!

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Meow Kiat said...

Mizyall too! I have been practising. I can say "Iteluwaat .. . thadaugcainhun" pretty good now. Not sure about the other phrase - just doesnt sound right.

Cant wait for you to be back. It will be busy for me this week catching up with my work but I am glad I could be down there. Sorry I was not too much of manual help but I felt I was there more for both of you! And just being available to do what I can given the condition that I had to do my work too! :) Thanks for having us! It has been very rewarding and meaningful... I hope more people will be able to help...

Btw, we got back in 13 hours.... guess who was driving fast... :)

Say bye to Scott for us and give him a big hug for us and send this bright and promising young man away with our blessings too.

Meow Kiat