Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Testing, Testing, 1,2, 3, testing

The photo of Monty unloading sheetrock was taken the day the driver donated his time to drive the load from Minnesota! Balancing all that weight is tough but Monty can make the forklift "dance" and it was all unloaded without a hitch! Our deepest thanks for the donation. It will go out very quickly and be appreciated by those fortunate enough to receive it. We have a load going out Thursday morning and again Saturday morning of this coming week.
The other photo was taken along the coastline. The size of the tree roots lifted completely out of the ground can be seen. It is massive! There are trees like this everywhere and anyone with a chainsaw can be busy until nearly forever! You can also see some of the trash that is everywhere you look! Anyone with a metal detector can also stay busy for years to come!
Today proved to be a day of testing. With both vehicles not working it can cause a "bit" of strain! Monty was under the engine of the truck all afternoon and after a couple of trips to get the proper tools he is ready to tackle the transmission and clutch tomorrow. Any prayers you send his way will be much appreciated!
Since it has been sunshine and dry the past couple of days the van chose to run today! Our "fair weather" friend! It will be the next thing on the repair agenda! Possibly a double dose of prayer?!
Monty took a trip over to Alabama to locate a source of doors. Alabama isn't all that far and I guess this is a good lead on doors, something else that is in desperate need! He also met and had lunch with a group of law enforcement guys. Good people to have on our side, for sure!
I took phone calls from people needing help getting all sorts of things done on their homes. One isn't even in the tear out stage yet! Still others are needing sheetrock, flooring and paint. Everyone is in a different stage of rebuilding. One lady called to say they lived on the coastline and originally their house had been condemed. That decision had somehow been reversed and now they needed all kinds of work done.
We take as much information on paper as possible and then they are required to sign a waiver stating that they are not responsible for the volunteers. They are then put on the list and we get to them as soon as we have the volunteers to do the work----see where all of you come in and how important you are!
I also got a call from a college somewhere in Virginia that want to send 55 college students the second week of March. They are going to spread them around different areas and wanted to know how many we could take. I told them I would let them know in a couple of days.
Yet another call came from a man in Ohio who has a group of fathers and sons that came back in January and all want to return sometime in April. What a wonderful father/son project and what an example to set for those needing help. They can do things such as sweeping a neighborhood cleaning yards, picking up limbs and sticks and planting flowers. Something that atleast has the appearance of normal springtime! Something anyone can do, skilled or unskilled, although both Monty and I have decided there is no such thing as unskilled labor! God has given us all different talents and abilities and challenged us to use them to His glory! Praise God!
Just about the time we were both on our last leg, so to speak, and past our dinner time we got a phone call from a gentleman on the church board here who wanted to meet us for dinner. Dinner consisted of Taco Bell and we decided he was an answer to prayer! God works through people so many times and in so many ways! His timing is always perfect! Thank you, Jake, for being an answer to prayer and for making us laugh and share!
I also found out that we are now located closer to the sun! I sat outside creating 2 letters late this morning and in the area of my V-neck shirt I now have a sunburn! And it's the last day of February!!!!
It's later than usual and I admit that I am tired.
Once again, we thank all of you who are reading and living this mission right along with us! It makes us feel not quite so far from home. Our Small Group Bible Study met at home this evening, the first one we have missed since the beginning nearly 18 months ago and it made us truly homesick for our "family". Thank you, family, for the prayers! You are missed and loved very much!
Until tomorrow (which is supposed to be near 80 and sunny) God bless you all!
And watch out for those "tests" as they have a way of popping up often!
Love to all of you! Susan and Monty.
PS. Samson also has a sunburn! He turned pink!!!!


some guy named Dave said...

Has Monty ever worked on a tramsmission before? I'm praying for him! The pics are great, especially the ones with you guys in them. How about one of Samson and Bitty? I doubt most people have ever seen a Chinese crested hairless whatever dog before. As for the sunburn, should you put sunscreen on Samson?

Shelley said...

Hi, Susan and Monty!
The pictures on your blogspot came through just fine! I really enjoy reading your entries, and now seeing the pictures also. I just finished printing out all your entries to date for The Ladies next door--all 38 pages! Each page was a little fainter than the one before, and I was praying the ink cartridge would last, and it did. Cynthia may have to read the last few pages aloud to Frances, though!
Susan, I hope you are feeling better, and Monty, I hope you are
successful in fixing the truck.
Keeping you both in my prayers!
God Bless You!

Kim said...

Just read through several days postings, sounds like you and Monty are just jumping right into everything. I think what you 2 are doing is so selfless and noble--- I have to admire you for that! I will keep reading.

Take care, Kim and Wally(your Bloomington Neighbors)