Wednesday, March 22, 2006

FEMA (our new home)

Monty, myself and Keith standing on the broken highway 90! Every time I see it I still find it impossible to comprehend that wind and water could move concrete and rebar!

Today was moving day! We were given the approval to move into the FEMA trailer that has been sitting in the parking lot. It is much bigger and it is already hooked up to water---no more going inside the church at night to use the restroom! We are using both trailers and our other one will be a great place for family to stay and be more comfortable than inside the church. We are thankful to the church for allowing us to use this one! We weren't even all the way moved in when the FEMA inspector showed up to check things out. He says they come by about once a month and make sure all is working well. That's a nice thing!

It took me the entire day to get everything moved and put away. The storage in any trailer is fairly limited and rearranging everything is quite a job. We no longer have our undies in the kitchen cabinets! The dogs were freaked out all day as they were certain they would be left behind. They jumped in the van this morning and wouldn't come out. So they got to ride along to Walmart and the laundry mat!

Monty kept watch over our painter most of the day. He was working in the entrance to the sanctuary and the hall ceilings. Even with Monty and Scott taping things off until late last night this painter can get overspray everywhere! If only he were the one cleaning it off he might think twice about being a bit more careful! The rest of the hallways and offices will be painted by us or volunteers. So if you are someone who loves to paint-----this is the place for you to be!

We also learned today that we have a team of 21 coming from near our hometown, Zionsville Indiana. It's actually nearly 2 hours from home but when you are over 14 hours away that is close to home. We are looking forward to having them and will be turning over Gladys's house to them for a week. (you can read about her in past entries). They will be able to really get some progress made!

We also have teams from Tennesee and Missouri due in this weekend. Our total number of volunteers should be around 65 - 70. What a blessing they will be to the people here! We have plenty of work for them, that's for sure!

This evening we went back to the church "Calling All Christians" and were once again blessed. Pastor Chandler had a wonderful message that I wish all of you could have heard. It was all about love, Christ's love for us and how we are to let it flow from us as a river flows! As long as we have life we have all we need. From our life the love of Christ is to flow. It was such an inspiring message, and especially for us as Monty, Scott and I have been having conversations for the past few days that needed the answers that came from tonight's message.

It is such a blessing to us to be going to different churches here. We go to 4 different ones each week and are establishing relationships with all of them and feel so blessed each time we go. We enjoy having a service on Wednesday evenings, it is such a boost for the rest of the week. Each church has its own personality and each one is filled with Jesus!

I challenge all of you to let Jesus's love flow through you as a river flows. Be aware of it all through the day as it will be challenged, over and over again. Jesus loved us first, with an unending love and set the example for us to follow! Let's all do the best we can to follow His example!

As always, for any of you who would like to help support us in our mission of rebuilding homes and lives please send your tax deductible gift to us through:

Vineyard Community Church PO Box 3277 Bloomington, IN 47402 and be sure to designate "Katrina fund" on your gift as 100% of your gift comes directly to us. No gift is too small and all will be used to help us help the people here. We thank you for your love and support!

Until tomorrow, let your river flow! Blessings to all of you. Susan and Monty

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