Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Extreme Makeover here we come!

Two new photos. One is what was an apartment complex, now waiting to be demolished. The other is a new view the collapse of highway 90.
They say the rebuilding will be done in 2007 but so far they haven't done a thing so who knows when it will really be done.

This morning we made the trip to the 93 year old's home (Gladys) and met with one of her daughters and one son. The son will be taking over the overseeing of the rebuild. We also had Convoy of Hope meet us there as this project is a big one. We went over the house from top to bottom and are assured we will be able to do everything that needs done to get Gladys back into her home. We still have some tear out to do, the entire bathroom with tub, sink and tile walls, along with tearing out the entire floor. The roof needs repaired and reshingled. The floor in her bedroom will be removed and a new floor put in. Her electric will be redone and we will be providing her with a new gas range. There are alot of 2 x 4s that need replaced due to termite damage and some porch posts that also will be replaced. Like I said, extreme makeover here we come! It won't be a fast project but it will get done. It just takes volunteers willing to come and get involved and people willing to donate the materials or the funds to purchase the materials.

Monty and I made the journey to the paint store to pick up supplies for the painter doing the church. That is just what I said -- a journey! We had to go a nearby city because the one here did not have what we needed, drywall mud! They cannot keep things in stock as everyone needs the same things. I think the paint shaker machines will shake themselves to death! It just shows how many things we take for granted and what we don't think about when we think of rebuilding and replacing everything!

Monty also loaded and delivered another 120 sheets of drywall to a home late this afternoon. It seems to go out as fast as it comes in.

Monty and Scott worked late into the night taping off the entry of the sanctuary in preparation for the painter tomorrow. Working at heights of nearly 30 feet can make a person weak in the knees but Scott is a climber and nothing seems to bother him. We are "expanding" his heights into cleaning the wooden beams in the ceiling of the church! We think we might just adopt him and keep him around for awhile! And watching Monty use the forklift to lift the scissor lift on and off of the stage can really make a person like me nervous but he had it extremely under control.

The board of directors met this evening and as of tomorrow we will be moving! There has been a FEMA trailer here in the parking lot for awhile. It is not being used and we have the go ahead to "move on up". It is much larger that what we are in now and Monty and I will actually be able to sleep in the same bed again! And it has a working bathroom and shower! We won't know how to act! We are so thankful to the board for allowing us to use it. Our own trailer will be used to house guests and family when they come to visit!

I have been closing each evening with the information as to how you can help support us in our mission. One of the board of directors, Kenny, suggested I change it up a bit. Thanks Kenny, here goes (maybe this will be easier to read) :)
If you would like to help support us in our mission you can send your tax deductible gift to: Vineyard Community Church PO Box 3277 in
Bloomington, IN 47402 and be sure to note on your donation "Katrina Fund" as 100% of your gift will be sent to us!

Until tomorrow...remember how much we love and miss you all! Susan and Monty

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Scott and Leah Drichel said...

Hey Monty and Susan,

Thanks for the updates. Last week was Spring Break for IU and a few of the students in the Residence Hall where I work went down to New Orleans and to Pass Christian, MS to help with the recovery. They came back with stories that sounded so familiar...they said exactly what you said...that it looks like nothing has even been done yet and it's been 7 months. It just made me want to pray for your mission even more. I passed along your blog site for them to read as well. On another note, Scott's mom and I went to Home Depot the other night to get a lamp and it was 8pm and the entire place was EMPTY. I just couldn't help but think about how you said the Lowe's there is just packed and running out of merchandise. It's insane that there is such a huge difference and you are not that far away from us. Please keep the updates coming and know that you are prayed up by your church family at home!!! GOD BLESS!!!