Monday, March 13, 2006

Jonathon's Day

The one photo is of Tim and Sherry on the left side and the couple who came to visit them. Tim and Sherry have been here coordinating relief efforts since December. The gentleman in the orange shirt, Chris, is the one responsible for getting our van up and running----what an angel! The back of his shirt says, "live your life so the pastor doesn't have to lie at your funeral!"

The other photo is what is left of an apartment complex. The sign that the property has been deemed unsafe. You can see how some of the apartments still have their sliding glass windows still there and others are completely gone! If you click on the photos you can enlarge them and see more details.

Monty waited for the delivery of drywall again today only to learn it won't be here until 7:00am tomorrow morning. Following the delivery there will be someone here to pick up the first load. It will not last long as the need is so great! We are just so thankful to have any coming to us! I don't know where this is coming from but hopefully there will be more to follow.

We were very sad to say goodbye to our senior high kids from Georgia this morning! What and incredible group of seniors and what a love they have for God. Their devotions and singing are a blessing to everyone who hears them. They all looked tired but I am sure they felt their time here was more than well spent! They touched so many lives while they were here and were able to be such role models for other teens they came in contact with! Thanks guys, we will miss you!
We'll get your photos on here in a couple of days!

Keith, Jonathan and Scott started their day but going to one of the school's teacher's house to help them clear out some of the rooms of their house. Even though it has been 7 months they just have not been able to get the rooms cleared of their personal items and then start the tear out process and go on to rebuilding. Jonathon was the one we were a bit concerned about but he ended up being the only one who didn't get hurt! Keith fell going to their storage barn and wiped out both shins. I think the one might still be bleeding a bit this evening! Then Scott cut his wrist on a piece of glass somewhere! They managed to help the couple get some things out and get a start on the rest. They came back to the church around 2:30. Keith got busy and started the process of building a set of steps for our trailer. The ones that pull out from underneath it are broken and we had been using a couple of cement blocks but they didn't work all that well. I stepped out a couple of days ago and hit just the side of the blocks and fell all the way to the ground. We now have an awesome set of 2 steps and getting in and out is much easier, not to mention safer! Jonathan also got in on the action and could probably build his own now! He proved to be quite a trooper and I think enjoyed the working.

Monty was busy cleaning and arranging the warehouse. Like I have said before, this warehouse used to be a grocery store and although it really needs a new roof it serves its purpose for us to store things. The problem is that some of the stuff has been stored since the storm and needs to be moved out to the curb for the trash to pick up. He managed to move out numerous pallets of old soda pop and the reaction from people driving by was something! Monty made it clear that everything had expired dates on it and we meant it for the trash but it didn't matter to them. For the rest of the evening people were stopping and sorting through for something they might like. The pile will undoubtedly be much smaller by tomorrow!

Jonathon also went with Monty to pick up a bunch of doors that someone else had put out by the street for the trash! The old saying, "one man's trash is anothers treasure" holds true down here. These are huge doors and with 6 matching its hard to tell what they can be used for!

The painter and his crew started painting the sanctuary this morning and according to them they should be done in 10 days! The sanctuary is big! The color looks good and hopefully the congregation will agree. It will be so nice to get it done and have it look like a real church again and people can come in and not be covered in white dust when they leave!

We had a short rain shower come in this afternoon and raise the already high humidity! We are keeping the trailer windows open during the day but closing up at night and turning on the air conditioner. It gets the trailer too cold if we leave it on so we do the on and off thing and can atleast sleep with dry sheets! The summer should be "damp"!!!!

Keith, Jonathan, Scott and us enjoyed the local Chinese buffet this evening for a late dinner. There just are not very many restaurants around here so when we find one we like we frequent it! Jonathan was going to try and eat the crawfish he made the effort to peel but just couldn't quite get it done! And yes, Mom, he has been eating well, plenty of fruits and we won't say anything about the pop-----he's used up every bit he has been drinking, believe me!

We heard from our friend from home, Dee Dee, who is planning on coming down to volunteer in a couple of weeks! We are so excited to see her and Meow (yes, her real name is Meow). They have not been here and it will be quite an experience for them. Be careful girls and we are looking forward to seeing you!

I would like to close this with some information that I should have been including with each entry. When Monty and I decided to take this "leap of faith" we quit our jobs, left our insurance, our home, our families and friends. We know this is God's call for us and we intend on following His call to the best of our abilities. We are totally dependent on the hearts and love and support of others, of you!

If you are interested in supporting us in the mission work you can send you tax deductible gifts to Vineyard Community Church, PO Box 3277, Bloomington, IN 47402. Please note on your check "Katrina fund" as 100% comes to us!
If you have questions about the authenticity of our mission please feel free to call the church at 812-336-4602.
We thank you for your kindness and generosity and for sharing in our mission.

Until tomorrow....May God bless and keep you. Susan and Monty
No amount is too small, everything adds up.



Amazing photos. How sad for many of those poor people. To not know Christ and then for this... Perhaps this is what it will take for people to turn to a holy & just God.

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