Friday, March 17, 2006

"Home" went home

Our guys from home went home today. The photo of them was taken on highway 90 where it has fallen into the water. Father and son taking a vacation together, coming to serve the people here and having a wonderful time together and in their service, they made God smile, for sure! Keith and Jonathan-we will miss you and are so blessed to call you family!

The other photo is of the stained glass window that was sucked out of the church I showed you a few days ago in Biloxi. How sad to see something so beautiful so broken. But we must remember that the people are the church, not the building. This has been very apparant here as some of them met outside, in their parking lots, until their buildings could be put together enough to meet inside safely.

Monty, Scott, Keith and Jonathan worked most of the day getting more of the church taped off in preparation for painting. No one got started really early but they got alot done and the painter should be ready to go come Monday!

We all made a return trip to the BBQ place we had been to when we came here in December. Rob's is the best! There was a song playing in the background and we were trying to figure out the words. It was "Sleepy Little Town named Pascagoula". When Monty asked about it their young son quickly went and burned it onto a CD for us! Joe, it's headed your way and we hope you will master playing it and think of us every time you do! From there Keith and Jonathan headed home and should arrive sometime tomorrow evening.

Scott, Monty and I went to the park to visit with the ducks. It was amazing to watch the hawk hover overhead looking for fish. It is so peaceful there, a great place for solitude and reflection. We are amazed that there are no other people there except us!

Late this afternoon was time to sit back and do nothing! Monty is exhausted as he has been going 150mph since a full month before we got here. It was time to literally take a nap! We are both very tired and need a break. Taking a break is not easy when you live in the parking lot of where you work! He did get a nap in and I found a book to loose myself in for awhile.

We had a late sandwich dinner and happened on a sermon like we have not heard before. We heard something last Friday night and couldn't locate where it was coming from. It sounded like a choir and it was coming from the sky. We found it this week---in the parking lot of Office Depot. The preacher brought his pickup truck, his trailer, his sound system, his lighting, his karoke machine, his chairs for those who would want to come forward and this man preached from the Bible like we have not heard in a long time, if ever! He knew the Word of God from one end to the other and was preaching like there were thousands in the audience (or parking lot). It was amazing! We sat and listened for nearly an hour and for all we know he is still there! It was quite a blessing for the both of us to hear.

We plan to take a trip tomorrow and get away for a day. We are taking Scott with us and heading to Dauphin Island, which is supposed to be about 42 miles away. They say the beaches are a beautiful blue. Us, and the dogs, intend to see for ourselves. We will let you know how it was in tomorrow night's entry.

As a reminder, if you would like to help in supporting us in this work you can send your tax deductible gift to: Vineyard Community Church, PO Box 3277 Bloomington, IN 47402. Be sure and note "Katrina fund" on the check. 100% of your gift will be sent to us to further God's kingdom and help in rebuilding homes and lives. We thank you and ask God to bless you and yours.

Until tomorrow....pray for the people here, and for us! We love you all. Susan and Monty

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hey i do support you all down there so check your email alright. and by this i mean perferably before you make saturdays blog