Monday, February 27, 2006

MN Volunteers arrive

Here we are with more photos, like I promised. We should have no problem getting atleast a couple of these each day.
The house is right on the beach here in Pascagoula. As you can see, you can see completely through it. This is one that has most of the structure left standing but will need to be demolished. They are probably waiting on the insurace, like alot of people.
The other photo is taken in Biloxi, which was about 20 miles from where the eye went through. It was some type of office building. What I want you to notice is the total destruction---but take a look at the upper right corner---the books in the bookcase that have not moved. And if you can see even closer you will see a beige telephone to the right of the books---with the receiver still sitting on the phone! There is no way someone went up there and set this up as this is about 3 stories high and surrounded by destruction! What a picture of God's hand---in the most unusual of places!
We now have a team of volunteers from Minnesota living in our parking lot with us. They pulled in this morning with a motor home that is larger than our house at home! This thing is massive! They drove over 26 hours to get here and will be here all this week. Some of them are electricians and others are carpenters. The one gentleman has been here before and stayed for a month. When he went back home his 2 sons, ages 12 and 14 had been worried about him being gone for so long. The next trip back here he brought them with him and now they understand! Like I have said before, it is a good thing for children to see for themselves what it is like down here!
Two of the men spent their day working on our warehouse doors. As I have said before, the warehouse is an old grocery store that looks as though it should be condemed and shoved over. But it serves a great purpose for us in housing materials. A set of double doors had been "sort of" installed. They enable the forklift to be driven in and out. These 2 men reworked the doors and made them actually functionable. Our thanks to them for doing so. Now, if someday we can get some power to the building we might actually have lights in it! We share that building with another relief effort and have had some offers from churches to possibly use it also. It may be that if we divide it the church will pay to have a new roof put on it! Pray for that to be so! Goodness knows we could use it!
Monty spent a portion of the day doing some work on our truck. It seems the clutch needs replaced and tomorrow just might be the day. A friend we met here, Rick, has volunteered to help. We really need to have that truck in working order as Monty uses it so much!
He spent more of the day hauling more and more sheetrock to the rest of the MN volunteers who were completely rewiring a woman's house. This woman's husband had passed away recently. Her entire house needed gutted and started over. There had already been some volunteers who had attempted the rewiring but weren't successful. These 2 electricians are doing a wonderful job! Monty sent 90 sheets of sheetrock over there and that should be enough to completely redo the inside. It is a small house and will no doubt be in better shape once it is done than it was in the beginning. She also lives in her FEMA trailer parked in her driveway to what used to be her garage, but the garage is completely gone. Just another example of what is being done, and what needs to be done here. It truly is never ending.
I spent part of the day making calls back in Indiana trying to russle up some sheetrock and electrical supplies. Both are in short supply and desperately needed. The electrical supplies are needed for residential, such as boxes and plates. I don't think we could ever get enough. And the same goes for the sheetrock. I didn't get any definites but am just "planting seeds". If any of you have any connections, please tap into them and have them get in touch with us.
I had the opportunity to see something really fun at the elementary school this morning. The school is celebrating Black History month and they dressed up and portrayed different black people throughout history. It was so cute and they did such a great job! Hopefully I can get some photos of them on here--they will melt your hearts!
We had to make a trip to the Walmart super store this evening as we have gone through our first tank of propane to heat the trailer. Last nights low was 32 and these aren't insulated all that well. There is no problem warming it up but it doesn't last all that long. It did warm up over 30 degrees throughout the day and is to be excellent all week. The tank only cost $14 so we were pleasantly surprised with that.
We received a couple of emails to let us know some of our home church members will be coming to volunteer over spring break. We are so excited at the possibility of seeing "family". We hope there are quite a few that will be coming. We also got word that another couple from MN will be here that same week. Let's pack the house with help!
I would like to ask for a specific prayer this evening. It seems I have caught some kind of throat infection and am feeling rather icky. We brought some antibiotics with us and hopefully they will succeed in stopping it. If you could include that in your prayers I would be very grateful. It has pretty much knocked the wind from my sails, if you know what I mean.
We hope all of you are doing well and learning and enjoying our blogspot. We continually see God's hand in so many ways and enjoy sharing our adventure with all of you.
God Bless each and every one of you!
PS. Kevin, we are so happy to hear you did well on your finals! God will make a way for you! Be still and listen for His voice and watch for His hand! We miss you!
Until tomorrow, Susan and Monty

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