Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally -- A Dream Comes True

Yes, they were born and died in 1935 and 1949 --- and until today have never had a marker at their graves!

My mother had an infant brother and infant sister and today everyone not only knows their names, they know where they are buried! It's something my grandmother (my mother's mother) always wanted and just couldn't afford.

Thanks to Monty's brother, Tony, who God has given the amazing gift of stone carving -- there are two markers on their graves. He did an amazing job, carved them from solid limestone! He has made us a bird bath and his step mother a bench -- both are wonderful with detail. Tony has a talent that he doesn't recognize as a gift. These monuments were a first for him and we are all so grateful to him for what he did. It definitely brought tears to my mother's eyes and I had a tough time myself. Tony -- your gift was such a blessing to my family and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! And many thanks to my brother (in the photo) who is here from Florida as he was the one who lifted and carried the stones to their sites! His brute strength is also a gift!

Placing these stones topped off our Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday was spent with my family and of course we all had way too much to eat. The highlight was 5 of us girls rescued a stranded puppy and brought it home for my mom! After the flea bath and hair trim and bandaging of some wounds she now has one of the worlds best lap dogs! Friday I spent getting ready for all my kids and their families who came to our house yesterday. My parents a two brothers and nieces also came along so we had quite the house full. Once again, food left over.

And then today -- the perfect ending. We hope all of you had a blessed time with family -- or extended family. We had the special blessing of the Happy Thanksgiving voice mail from Cherie in San Leon, Texas -- you made my day girl!! Last year we spent the day with them since we were so far from home and I thought of she and Hank and Blake throughout the day this year. Love you guys!

To all of you -- be blessed this week and remember that the Advent season gets underway. It's the time where we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus. Shopping aside -- remember the real reason for this season of giving and thanksgiving.

Until next time . . . love to all. Susan and Monty

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