Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Season

Saturday was work day at our church. Monty isn't in any of the photos as he was the one behind the camera. It was quite the day and we are glad Pastor Dave could smile behind that blower as he was "in the line of fire" when the guys took down a couple of trees! They shattered as they fell and he was behind his video phone and had no idea just how close the shards came to him and his phone!!!! He told me later his guardian angel was gone -- hit by flying debris!! :)
They got alot of work done while I stayed here trying to get rid of this bronchitis mess -- still fighting!
Sunday I felt well enough to get outside and tackle some of our own yard. The leaves were piling up and I enjoyed being out in the mid 60 degree weather! Of course, by Monday morning it looked like I hadn't done a thing but I still enjoyed the day.
Yesterday was spent taking my grandson to preschool and working on our ministry newsletter. I have been struggling with it for weeks and even though I thought I had it --- after this mornings Bible Study I trashed the entire thing and am in the process of starting over! It just didn't "feel" right and I know that feeling is God speaking. I just couldn't "get it" until this morning. Hopefully I can get "it" out on paper and mailed before too long.
Yes, this is the season of thankfulness -- a season I think should last much longer than one day a year! We ALL have so very much to be thankful for -- no matter what our circumstances!
Blessings and love to all. We are thankful for YOU!!! Susan and Monty

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