Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Headed North????

Yep -- it's November and tomorrow I am headed north -- to Michigan!!

Am I insane? Maybe -- but -- I have the opportunity to go along with my mother, my aunt and a distant cousin that is so distant I don't even know her. Why? To visit another distant cousin I also don't know!

My aunt put this trip together and asked my mother to go along (the guys just don't like to travel) so she agreed and when I heard about it I sort of invited myself. I am really looking forward to this -- 4 women on the road and in a hotel room for 3 nights! Oh the stories that will come from this trip --- but we might need to make the pact that "what happens in Michigan stays in Michigan"?

Anyway -- please keep us in your prayers as we travel the nearly 7 hour trip. This is something I never do -- and have missed oh so much!

Also-- please keep Monty covered !! in prayer while I am away. Like most men -- he doesn't do all that well alone! :) He does have food in the house and both dogs to care for along with keeping our bird feeders full -- which can be a full time job! I (and he) appreciate your prayers.

Until next time . . . we'll return Sunday . . . spend some special time with your family! Remember that God is all about relationships!!!! Susan and Monty

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Bob & Carol said...

Hi Susan, I was one of several folks from St. Mark's UMC who worked on your crews last year in San Leon. I was looking at old emails and ran across a link to your blog. I always liked to read about what was going on in your day and thought I'd send a note. Your writing is so even and easy to read. I personally think you should consider writing a book about you and Monty's adventures. I really think it would be a blessing to so many people.

anyway, enjoy the day and hope you come back to Texas one of these days.

Bob and Carol Pickering
St. Mark's UMC, Baytown, Texas