Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Time for Every Season

Yep -- this was the scene early this morning. It's still the scene late tonight! We're definitely not in the south anymore!

I must admit that I enjoyed going out early and brushing the snow off the front deck and my truck. There's something about the freshly fallen snow, the pure white and the crisp cold that makes me smile. Don't get me wrong; I didn't miss it while we were gone, but I did enjoy this morning! How many others will I enjoy? Time will tell!

It was my morning to go and pick up the grandkids. I take Liv to her other grandma's and then take Luke to preschool. He attends a Cathlic preschool and I love that the focus of this season is actually Jesus! The bulletin boards all along the hallways are changing from turkeys and pumpkins to manger scenes and candy canes. He brought a home made manger home. It was made from paper and had strips of yellowish paper inside along with a piece of paper that had baby Jesus on it. A note inside said that each time he is "kind" he is to put one piece of "straw" in the manger and hopefully come Christmas morning Jesus has a nice soft manger to lay in! Great teacher, right! They are also really into the Advent calendar and take turns opening the surprise for each day until Christmas.

And right after lunch I am back at their house where Liv is brought back to me for the afternoon until Luke and Dad are home from school. It's a special time where just the two of us play and read books until nap time. What a blessing they both are and I thank God for this special time with both of them!

Last but not least -- it's Wednesday -- and that means "Survivor" night for us! Yes, we are huge fans and even while we are in the disaster field we set aside this night for the both of us! No phones, no doorbells, no anything else. We've not missed a season yet. If you're a fan, you understand. If you're not, sorry!

Until next time . . . thank God for all the seasons in our lives! Susan and Monty

Oh --- almost forgot --- I am finally on facebook!!! Wonders never cease!! Look me up under my full name, Susan Scales. Whoopee!!!!

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