Monday, November 01, 2010


This is how pitiful things (we) get when our kids are all grown and it's Halloween!!!! The pug belongs to my youngest daughter and her boyfriend!!
First of all -- I don't need comments about the "evil" of Halloween. I have always taken the attitude that it doesn't hurt kids (or adults) to dress up one night a year and go around collecting candy from the neighbors. If a neighbor decides to not give out candy -- they just shut off their exterior lights and it's no big deal. Of all the trick or treaters we had come to our door no one was "improperly" dressed, no one in satanic costumes, just a bunch of kids filled with smiles and thanks for their candy. We all need a bit of fun in our lives every now and then! Life is way too serious and I, for one, loved all those smiles and laughter.
We were even able to enjoy dinner in the middle of tricks and treats -- thanks to our neighbor, Shelley, who made a super fantastic chili and brought us a big pot! I don't know what all she put in there but it was amazing and I am hoping she will share her recipe. Seeing as how we are going to be here throughout the winter I think chili will be a necessity!
We are working away on the details of our upcoming satelite school here at home. Many are interested and as soon as we get the final paperwork from Alabama we are ready to start our visits to local Pastors. Even though everything can be seen from their website we are still printing most information out on hard copy so they have it right at their finger tips. Please keep us, the Pastors and the entire school thing in your prayers. We know it's Gods calling and get more excited each day!
I would also ask for a special prayer request for our other neighbor, Tony. He had a lobe of his liver removed a couple of weeks ago, tumors! Although he is in no pain, the incision is causing a multitude of problems. One area became very infected and had to be opened, and left open, to heal properly. This will take weeks! And now today it seems he has managed to pop open more stitches causing even more problems. He and Evie have already had a tough summer with numerous health problems and now this! Pray for not only God's healing but also His comfort and loving hands to uphold them both!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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