Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Understanding another . . .

Sometimes you just need someone to understand - to "get it."

Being a woman in a field where we do alot of construction doesn't make that very easy for me.

Being a woman missionary makes it even less easy!

As I was driving home from Texas this June I distinctly knew God was telling me to return to the Tuesday morning Bible Study I had attended years before. It wasn't a request -- it was a definite statement. No need arguing with God that it's a 40 minute drive and with the price of gas . . .

Today was one of those "oh yeah -- NOW I know why you wanted me to be there!" Pastor Martie and her best friend, Susan just returned from a trip to Equador a couple of weeks ago. They spent a month there -- away from home, away from family, helping others, bringing others to the Lord through their actions more than words!

As I sat in Bible Study this morning listening to them recount the many blessings from God while they were there, the miracles, the life changing moments it dawned on me -- they understand -- they get it! They have "been there" and have experienced the Almighty power of God! They have seen His hand, felt His touch in the darkest hours, heard His direction for them, they know!

Finding someone -- just one -- with whom I can relate has been nearly impossible. But God . . . He tells us that with Him nothing is impossible and this morning I once again realized He never lies!

As I was driving there in this way warmer than normal crystal clear day I saw something I have NEVER seen in my life --- and now I know it was a sign from God about just how awesome this morning was going to be -- an eagle flew directly in front of me -- crossed so close to the front of the vehicle I could've counted his tail feathers if I hadn't been so shocked! I was so overwhelmed with excitement and yet --- that excitement dimmed in comparison to knowing there are not one -- but two -- women with whom I can relate, with whom I can share, with whom I can confide in --- oh how I love God!!!!!

I pray YOU have that person -- or those people -- who get it, who understand, who have experienced it --- whatever your "it" might be. I hope you will let them know what a blessing they are to you!

Until next time . . . thank you Lord, thank you Pastor Martie, thank you Susan!

Susan and Monty

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