Monday, November 15, 2010

Not so "distant" now

Correction -- I referred to our Michigan trip as going to see "distant" relatives -- sorry Daddy! They are "cousins removed" ??? We spent days trying to figure it all out and I still don't have it straight -- but -- they are definitely NOT so distant now!
The 4 of us women had a blast! I met family that I have only heard about over the past 50 years and now I have the faces to go with the names! We laughed so much we had stomach aches and it was so amazing to hear their stories of when they were kids growing up and remembering this and remembering that. It brought to reality (once again) how God is all about relationships and how we should all cherish our families -- even if we don't know them all that well.
Carol and John were perfect hosts! We had dinner at their home the night we arrived and it was incredible! She had taught school all day and put together a wonderful feast for all of us! By the time we left we no longer used their front door -- family gets to come in through the garage and that feels good!
Friday was spent with other relatives making the spur of the moment trip to spend time together. Even if we had planned this for months it wouldn't have been any better. We spent the entire afternoon and evening telling stories and catching up on way too many years apart! We all shared dinner that evening and bid farewell to those who had come for the day. For my part I sure hope I don't have to wait so long to see them again!
Saturday we found the local Thrift Store -- after all -- we are women and we do know how to shop! We also learned how to use the photo machines at Walmart -- thanks to the Mexican gentleman also printing his photos! We knew all too well that each of us would return home and download all our photos onto our computers and not have any "hard copies" to share with Carol and John as a thank you gift! That "episode" also brought plenty of laughter!
Saturday afternoon Carol took us on a tour of one of the most beautiful downtowns I know I have ever seen! So quaint with so many shops that aren't your usual run of the mill shops! I want to thank my mom for purchasing the chocolate covered pretzels for the both of us! !!!!!!!
We also were able to tour John and Carol's church, Christ our Savior Lutheran Church. I will have some photos of the inside on future blogs. It was beautiful and really touched the core of my heart with their desire to touch all people with the love of Jesus!
Another wonderful dinner hosted by Carol and John on Saturday evening and more story sharing. After all those years apart there were soooooooooooo many stories and I know we didn't really scratch the surface!
It was tough saying goodbye -- the time went so quickly and we had such a good time. I have to say that I really did feel like it was my family!!! There's just that feeling down deep inside that we have when it's "our" family! It's a good feeling!
And then it was over. Our trip home yesterday was uneventful -- something you want when you travel. I will have more photos over the next few blogs and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.
To everyone in this family -- my family -- I want to say thank you for sharing, for welcoming and for most of all loving me -- someone you also had only heard of and maybe seen photos! We MUST do this again soon --- REALLY soon!
Until next time . . . distant isn't as far as I thought! Susan and Monty

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