Thursday, November 04, 2010

First Pastoral Visit

Today we had our first "official" Pastoral visit to promote our upcoming school. I have spent days making calls and arranging appointments to take in the packets of information we have compiled. All our paperwork is now put together with everything one would need to have a full understanding of our school and the organization behind it.

It was great to also visit with this Pastor and his wife since they were very instrumental to our going out into the field of disaster ministry in the first place. I remember the day this gentleman took us to his personal bank and took out cash as his donation to our cause!!! Those kind of things are always remembered and set a wonderful example for us about missions.

We have quite a few people interested in classes and since we have the paperwork ready it's now time to get down to business! Time is ticking and before we know it the holidays will be past and that third week of January will be upon us!

And as usual, life itself continues to move -- kids and grandkids -- back and forth to home and preschool and babysitting! My daughter and son in law and grandkids stopped by last night to show us the new truck they got! Now the kids are really excited as Grandma isn't the only one who drives a truck! And my daughter also told us she has been named the Young Outstanding Lawyer of the Year for the entire state of Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!! She as worked so hard to maintain her career along with being a wife and mother and has done a wonderful job! We are so happy for her and I am thrilled to be her mom!

Also --- a belated happy birthday to our youngest daughter's significant other --- Zac -- you are already a part of our family and we love you!!!

Blessings to all and until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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