Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A true Monday

Isn't the inside of this church great? Take special note of the cloth covering the altar -- the person in the wheelchair! It and the banners speak volumes!
Monday -- a mixture of many things going on. The temperatures have taken a dive and the rains are beginning to fall making it feel cold to the bone. But in the midst of all that we have been watching the birds at our bird bath -- splashing around so much with so many birds that we have filled it twice just this morning! They are filled with joy -- no matter the weather -- I think they believe that deal about God taking care of "even" the birds!
This afternoon we will be making another local Pastoral visit to talk about our upcoming missions training school opening in January. This is a Baptist church that has been heavily involved in local missions as well as overseas. Some of you remember the flood that struck the midwest in the summer of 2008. The city just to the west of us still has not completely recovered. Their government buy-outs of a particular area are in the final stages and this church wants to be instrumental in the rebuilding of new homes for those in this area. We are excited about this venture and hope to learn more about it, and how we can help, this afternoon.
Monty has been working the past 2 days on getting the cover over our camper. We have never had to cover it before because we were always living in it. It's been an adventure all its own! Yesterday he and two other men worked and worked to get it over the camper. It weighs a ton and is less than user friendly but they did manage to get it over and under. Monty went back this morning to tighten some straps and do some touchups. Let's hope it works!
I have been a bit under the weather since leaving for our trip last week and at my doctor's appointment yesterday she informed me I have bronchitis! Yuck!! No wonder I have been coughing and feel as though 300 pounds of weights have been sitting across my chest! Two prescriptions later and today I can already feel a difference. Welcome back to the cold!!! :) It did cause me to miss my Tuesday morning Bible Study this morning and I don't like that!
We hope all of you are doing well and buttoning up for the winter.
Until next time . . . blessings and love! Susan and Monty

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