Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back and forth

Yesterday was my grandson's party at school -- he is in the preschool class and they got to parade through the gradeschool classrooms in their costumes and then enjoy some great snacks! What fun to be a Grandma!

We are working away on the initial preparations for our missions training school. I am awaiting an email from the Alabama headquarters that will have the class schedule and registration paperwork along with some brochures.

Yesterday while babysitting for my granddaughter (she was napping) I was making calls to local churches to schedule appointments for us to come and share our information with them. In turn they will share it with their congregations and those interested will contact us.

We already have 6 students who are waiting for the registration forms and while at the bank this morning we were talking with the branch manager who also is a friend of ours and both she and her husband are interested. They know they are both called into missions "somehow" and feel this is the first of many doors God is opening for them. We whole heartedly agreed!

Monty has been busy continuing to fine tune both our trucks. With winter just around the corner -- something we haven't experienced in quite a few years -- he needs to do a bit more than in the past. Our camper is fully winterized and will only need covered. Camping World donated one of their full sized heavy vinyl covers and it should be arriving any day now. What an amazing organization and what a priceless blessing they have been to us!!!

On Monday evening I took off for my parents house. My mother had some out patient surgery and I took the opportunity to go and spend the night and spend some time with them. I also got to spend a bit of time with a couple of my brothers and see the new house my youngest brother and his wife bought! What a cute little cottage style house on a small lake near where they live! It's always great to spend some unexpected time with family!

My mother is getting along fine after surgery and we pray this will correct the problem she's had for awhile now! We thank you ahead of time for your prayers of healing also.

Until next time. . . spend some time with your family! Susan and Monty

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