Sunday, February 22, 2009


The past few Sunday mornings have begun with memories of my dreams the night before. Monty suggested I share a couple of them with you . . . they have me a bit confused.

My first one ended with me seeing my father taken to heaven, holding God's hand and smiling back at me as he ascended -- both pain and joy filled me as I recalled the entire thing with Monty.

Next came this one: I was waiting in a very long line of people, all waiting patiently. I turned to ask someone why we were all waiting. "To see God" was the reply. I figured I better stay in line as I also would like to see Him. When my turn came I was looking up a set of wooden stairs going up -- high but not too high. As I got to the top I looked toward the place I knew God was but didn't actually see His face. I remember not being upset at not seeing Him, I just knew He was there. As I looked at Him He spoke these words, "look at the immorality all around you." As I turned and looked all around me, making a complete circle on my platform, all I could see was people in couples, all sleeping with one another. There were no buildings or rooms covering them, all were completely exposed and as I looked I also realized that none of them were with who they should be with. That was all I could see -- nothing else. As I turned back to God He spoke once again, " Two Timothy." Not second Timothy but the actual word "two." Those two words rang inside my head like cymbals next to my ears, echoing and echoing the rest of the night. No chapter or verse, just "two Timothy." Needless to say I read through the entire book the next morning and have read through it many many times since then. What does it all mean? Am I supposed to be doing something, learning something, finding something in that book? I have no idea. I have shared this dream with our home Pastor and the Pastor here, both tell me to pray for clarity. That is my prayer.

My most recent dream was a couple of nights ago. In all my life I've only had a dream where I could fly once. In that one I only had to put my arms out at my sides and I would take off and fly and fly, with my youngest daughter riding on my back. It was awesome, we could see everything and I made sure to fly over our house so she could see it from the air.

A couple of nights ago I flew again. This time I had to keep my arms back behind me and down at my sides or it didn't work. As I flew I kept wanting to go faster as it seemed I was going way too slow. Just as I was thinking of going faster I started to go higher and felt as though I was more than high enough and wanted to get back to the ground. At that time I once again heard God say, "it's okay, come on up higher." And immediately I soared nearly straight up through the sky. As I sort of reached the top I looked down and could see the entire world! What a sight it was!

Now either I am going completely nuts -- not enough sleep, too many hours of working, hearing too many disaster survivor stories, meeting too many new faces, missing my children and grandchildren and parents and any other family member, the list could go on and on . . . or God is telling me something and I DO need prayer for clarity.

God speaks to all of us in various ways and I can for certain tell you that I know the sound of His voice, I would recognize it anywhere, and love hearing it. What does it all mean? In God's perfect timing!

In the meantime we welcome 3 more incoming teams today and look forward to the many, many homes they will be working in this week. Bless them Lord, bless all of us!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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