Monday, February 09, 2009

This and That; Here and There

Sorry for not having photos but I'm using another computer and they're not on this one!

What a Monday! We were awaken in the night with the foreign sound of rain! It's been so dry here and it was a welcome sound. It didn't last long but did bring the pollen count down a bit.

Our morning started off with a home visit back in San Leon. We met Laura and her husband at their home. They were able to purchase a small camper trailer to have something to live in on their property. They had managed to get the home gutted out and a new roof that was just finished up yesterday. They did receive some funding and once again we plan on coming along side with team labor and make every dollar stretch farther than humanly possible. Laura was telling me about the work injury her husband suffered back in 2004. He had the same spinal injury as Christopher Reeves and was also told he would never walk. God intervened and he is walking freely on his own. He does wobble a bit and has no feeling in his legs or feet but he is able to get around on his own. She told me how he had been working in the house a few days ago and came inside for something. She looked down and noticed his boot completely covered in blood. When he took off his boot they discovered he had stepped on a nail and had been walking around on it without feeling a thing! He wants so desperately to be actively working on his own rebuilding but needs help. We plan on bringing him that help. Since he is an experienced contractor he can be his own job supervisor! Stay tuned for miracles!

From there we stopped by Pastor Bob's church to say hello to him. He happened to have the Stanley tool representative there and we came away with another load of free stuff -- toolboxes to be specific! He said he would be in touch with us over the next couple of days about the truckloads of tools that they want to donate to the relief efforts! We'll be ready!

Once we returned to camp Monty went to work with Phil, Jim and Diane. They moved the latest shower trailer (with 4 shower units) over next to our trailer so it can be usable for the 50 - 75 team members coming in week after week over the next couple of months. All that's needed now is some power and it's ready to go --- after a few shower curtains and such!

They also moved the mobile chuck wagon kitchen next to the church where the cooks can now have a huge oven to work with when preparing meals. Jim finished it off with a special set of steps and it's also ready to go to work.

The special tool room in the warehouse is completely built and painted. Diane got most of the tools organized and also ready to be put to work.

Connie spent the day in the church kitchen preparing "brown bags" for team lunches. They contain things like chips, granola bars, cookies, napkins, hand wipes and etcs. The teams pick them up each morning after breakfast, combine them with premade sandwiches and a cooler filled with ice and water and are off to work. She spent the entire day there and made over 500 bags -- yes -- 500! What a help that is!

I spent my afternoon inside on the computer putting all our work orders on the computer and getting them emailed to Phil's office. So much behind the scenes work and playing "catch up" isn't fun but sometimes necessary.

We also spoke with Rob from our home church. He is bringing a team next month and we were working on a few details to hopefully help them plan easier. We are so excited to see home family --- they just have no idea!

This evening we were surprised and treated to dinner by Diane's brother and sister in law, Jim and Connie. They will be leaving us on Wednesday and although we have done everything we could think of to keep them here with us, they have families and must go! Life just won't be the same without them here! And it was a wonderful evening with all of us sitting down to dinner together, the laughter never ending! Isn't God amazing how He constantly adds to our families!

One more phone call this evening and I will be ready to call it a day. Mike from our incoming Iowa team will be calling soon for a heads up on the home they will be working in. We plan on putting them in Terri's home. If you look back a few days you will see it -- the one nearly all wrapped in blue tarp, roof and sides. They are just the team for Terri and her unique home! They will be arriving this Sunday and we are also so excited to see them! More family coming to spend time blessing others!!

All of this --- and it's only Monday!? What a week it will be! Be sure and stay tuned!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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