Sunday, February 15, 2009

They just keep coming!

As you can see -- our camp here has grown! We have camper trailers and vehicles and tool trailers all over the place -- a great sign of growth and the ability to help those needed!

The photos you see here are of the Convoy of Hope team working at Nareen and Clint's house. They have managed to get siding on 3 of the 4 sides of their home, complete the gutting of their bathroom and kitchen, clean up the garden area, help clean the shed to prepare to use it to store their household things and lift up the homeowners like you wouldn't believe! She visually looks like a new person and when I stopped by on Friday she gave me a hug like never before and I thought for a minute she wasn't going to let go! This is the perfect example of disaster ministry!

Friday afternoon one of the Convoy men, Nick, joined me for 2 home visits. Monty was back at the warehouse working on getting power to the incoming trailers, repairing one of the tool trailers and trying to get through a list a mile long. Nick said he would go with me as I never make a home visit alone. We first met Garaldeen who used her FEMA funds (and more) to purchase a mobile home after finding nothing left of her home. From there we went to visit Lewis and his family. They are in the process of buying their home and thus are not classified as homeowners so getting a roof for him will take some "doing". It was a great afternoon and I thank Nick for taking the time to go with me and also get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

Yesterday the Convoy team worked here around camp all day. They cleaned the inside of the church, cleaned vehicles, cleaned the chuck wagon so it can be used for the 75 people here this week, repaired what needed repaired, helped set up rooms for incoming teams and got way deep in the kitchen with helping Diane and I prepare dinner. With it being Valentine's day we let the kitchen staff have a night off and even though it was quite the task -- we got it done and it was great.

By dinner time we were joined by the 45 members of the Georgia team. After dinner we sat down and had a meeting with their highly skilled team members to try and lay out a plan for the upcoming week. This afternoon Diane will be taking part of that team to Galveston while I take the other part to San Leon to check out some of their work sites before tomorrow morning.

Monty and I will also be running to the airport directly from church to pick up part of the incoming Iowa team. The remainder of them are driving and will arrive tonight. Diane will head to another airport and pick up a "team" of one coming in from Washington.

As you can see, it's been more than busy and will get even more than more as the week goes on. We are so excited to see soooo many people who just want to come and help and bless the people. Be sure and stay tuned as we also have an Indiana (yea -- home state!!!) coming in tonight!

Having trouble keeping up??? Welcome to our world!!! But we know God is smiling and has incredible miracles and plans for this week and each and everyone here. Don't miss it!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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