Tuesday, February 24, 2009

North meets south

They came from the cold northern weather and are thrilled at the temps pushing 80 degrees. Some are even a bit on the pink side. As they call home with reports of what is going on they are receiving "cold" remarks about our warm weather! I expect to see even more shorts tomorrow with the temps warmer.

They are once again working all over the city of San Leon.

Terri's house is now getting a new roof on the back side and the front siding continues to come together. Terri decided to relocate her back door to the other side of the bedroom area and board up what had been a window. Good choice, especially since we have the perfect exterior door right here in the warehouse.

Hai's house is getting water lines run. They finished with all the insulation this afternoon and will be ready to start hanging sheetrock in the morning, as soon as I return from Lowes with it on the bed of the truck! Starting my morning at Lowes, a daily routine!

Richard got his deck completed, wiring for electrical done, sheetrock hung and finished and painting started today! He is thrilled to see all of the work getting done. Once the inside is done we can help with the outside. Peggy's leg is doing better and responding well to the medication.

Jeannie is in awe at her trailer skirting starts taking place. Monty and his team of 2 women are working away and having a great time in the process. The women will be experts by the time they are done.

Clairice is also getting her deck built, and it is big enough for Pastor Bob to come and sit and visit like he did before the storm. The women were pounding away with the nails today and made quick work of it all.

Cathy's house is getting electrical wiring done, final plumbing changes, outside siding completed and final doors and windows installed. They might even be painting the outside and insulating inside tomorrow.

Naomi's house has only 4 more sheets of sheetrock to be hung and nearly all the finish coat is done.

Paul and Susan had all their priming done yesterday and we await a return call to let us know when Susan is feeling better and the painting can be done.

The church in Spring, Texas is getting its metal roofing installed and should be done tomorrow. Pastor Ken's Vineyard church in Galveston is also nearing the final finish coat and coming closer to priming and painting.

You run the numbers on how many jobs are going on --- sure keeps us busy going from one to another making certain all are doing well. And the trips to Lowes are at the beginning of the day so they can continue without interuption.

Today was the regular Long Term Recovery meeting where we all come together to see how we are all doing and get an update with resources. It's always filled with information and also a great time to check in with the other organizations and their progress. We are the only ones working in the San Leon area and received quite the thanks from the committee for being there.

I am receiving more calls than ever since the Sunday outreach. Mostly are from the Vietnamese community. My list of call backs is now nearing 40 calls! I also received a call from a lady whose home has been condemned and she is asking if we can tear it down! I did go by and get some photos but will need to get inside to fully assess the whole thing. What a shame!

Another call came in from an 86 year old woman who is at her wits end. She needs a partially new roof and received a bid from a contractor for nearly $8000!!! I have a home visit scheduled with her for Thursday!

I also did a home visit with a Spanish family this afternoon. They also have 5 children and are all packed in a small FEMA trailer. They only have a few things left to complete the rebuild of their home so hopefully we will be able to access some funds along with volunteers and get them completed.

The calls keep coming. The requests keep coming. We pray the volunteers keep coming! As always, they are the keys!

For the families who have sent their own family members here to work with us -- and for those who will be sending theirs in the future -- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the people thank you!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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