Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Hump" day is big with 75

I don't have alot of photos this evening, just so much going on.

The ones you do see are of Terri's house. I wanted to capture the uniqueness of her home, the paintings done by her late husband and the team working on her new roof. You can see Mike perched up at the top making some repairs. The not only worked on the roof but they started with some of the siding and worked right through the on and off rain showers all day to accomplish just what they set out to do!

Hai's house had people all over, looked like a bunch of ants everywhere. But those ants were worker ants, digging the sewer line, installing all the rough in electric, continuing the framing changes and installing windows. They are an organized team who have their minds and goals set and are somehow ministering to both Hai and her brother, Paul at the same time!

Cathy and Dwight's framing and windows continue. Their rough in plumbing is also coming along great. The electric can't start until the framing gets done, which is probably tomorrow.

Richard wasn't at the house until later today. He had to take Peggy to the doctor and he came back with some disturbing news that really needs some strong prayers from all of us. It seems Peggy has an infection in her foot and if it doesn't stop growing they will be forced to amputate her leg! All this with Richard also fighting for each breath of air! It had the team pretty upset and they are doing what they can with getting their home rebuilt and also ministering to and praying for them.

Marie didn't have anyone working in her home today. Amy is getting some electrical bids for the finishing of the job. We hope to take those and use them as a "map" for what we need to complete -- with the free labor of volunteers!

Naomi's house is coming together. The couple that were working there today got a kick out of telling Naomi that they were doing work for her that they paid someone else to do in their own home! They set a goal to return home, pay off their bills and go into the mission field full time! I think I hear God calling!

Diane and the Convoy team spent the day at Pastor Ken's church getting the final coat of mud on the sheetrock. Before we know it he will be ready for primer and paint and then a real church will appear!

Pastor Nathan also moved one step closer to having a new roof on his home. It's been a bit challenging due to the structural design but they are getting there. They also worked right through some of the showers circling around.

I do have a special side note prayer request this evening. I know you have read about a dear Pastor friend of ours in Mississippi, Pastor Lavoy. He and his wife adopted an infant daughter from Guatamala a couple of years ago. This week they are in the hospital helping her fight a blood born illness she contracted from her biological mother. This illness must be gotten under control immediately as it is destroying the organs in her small little body. PLEASE cover this family, and this little girl, Josylin, with prayers of healing and strength!

As our "hump" day draws to a close we are amazed at the progress of all the homes and blessings poured on so many families this week and also know God isn't finished yet!

Be sure and stay tuned for tomorrow.

Until then . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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