Friday, February 20, 2009

Lives changed!

Friday --- what a week and what a way to end that week!

Our team of 45 decided to come together and work on Cathy's house -- all 43 of them! It looked like rats under the building and trying to keep up with all that was going on was impossible. They were putting up walls, installing plumbing, replacing support beams, pouring footers with wheel barrows, installing electric and anything and everything else needed! What an amazing work!

Meanwhile there were 2 of them still wrapping up the last details of the electric at Hai's house. She is now ready for the last of the water lines, insulation and sheetrock. We brought over ceiling fans and lights from our Convoy donations so she will have lighting when ready. She called me this afternoon to try and say thank you and laugh at the thought of how all these "big men" came in on Monday and had her nearly scared to death and by today she was in tears because they were leaving. She also told us how her brother Paul wants to become a full time volunteer with us as soon as her house is done! He's an automatic team leader!

Our Iowa team continued working at Terri's house. You can see from the photo that they are re-installing her circular window that fell out during the storm. You can also see the new siding that went up and her new kitchen (large kitchen) window that brought a permanent smile to her face! Even though the team had planned on only working till noon and then taking a tour of Galveston they were still working at 4pm and made a very quick trip through Galveston! As we were sitting around dinner this evening we found out about the miracle of the day. It seems John was up on 2 2x6 boards that covered the expanse of the kitchen area. If you go back a couple of days you can see Mike on those boards -- working on the ceiling. Well, today those boards decided to break -- both of them -- with John over 10 feet in the air! Yes, he fell to the floor of the house, lay there for a minute trying to decide what was broken and then realized he only cut his hand and elbow and bruised some ribs! I KNOW there was an angel underneath as he fell! He thought is was a really great praise report --- we agree!

Our team from Greenwood, Indiana had quite the experience today. They were sent to Vicky's house to clean her yard. Vicky is our client that had extreme issues with a contractor "friend" and is now penniless and with no receipts for the work done. She also has an unfinished house and health issues that need addressed. When the team arrived she was literally standing in the street not even knowing how to go about picking up the trash around her home! It only took a short meeting with the team to explain some of the situation and they stepped in! They spent the entire day working there -- Vicky right along side of them the whole day -- and saw a completely different woman when they left than the one they saw when they arrived! The entire team is sunburned but I tend to think it's more of the light of Jesus showing through them!

The team that had been working at Richard's house were working on another today but that didn't stop them from stopping by his home on their way out of the city to say goodbye and pray with him. His wife returned to the doctor today and for now it looks like she will not lose her leg! The team and Richard were in tears as the team left!

This week has been one like no other. The team of 45 came in like gang busters, wanting to be certain that we had enough work for them to do. They knew what they were capable of -- construction wise -- and they did accomplish just what they set out to accomplish. But --- as always -- God steps in and makes certain everyone gets the true picture. He takes over their hearts and it's an amazing miracle to see and be a part of. Faces change -- they don't look like they did when they arrived and the homeowners where they have been working also change -- smiles come where there were only frowns; tears of sorrow turn into tears of joy; miracles!

The Bible tells us and we like to quote it "with God nothing is impossible" but I wonder . . . just how many of us really believe it??!! Those of us who have been here this week -- we believe it --- we've seen it --- we've experienced it --- and we will never be the same! Thank you Lord -- You are an amazing God and we are so thankful you chose us --- all of us --- to be extensions of Your hands and feet!

God bless all of these teams! Our doors are always open and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Until then . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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