Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the blessings roll !!!

Hai's house is getting new windows, the concrete was jack hammered to prepare for the new plumbing plan, the electric will begin tomorrow as all supplies are now on site and the structural changes are nearly complete. You can see from one of the photos the by-hand digging that had to take place on the outside of her home --not a fun job but the team seemed to love it! Boys and mud!

Terri was thrilled to meet the Iowa team and see that one half of her roof is brand new, sheeting and all. There was nothing to salvage from the old one so literally everything is new. She even loved the color we picked out, a brown but not too dark and not too light. She couldn't believe all the work that had been done in only 2 days! Wait until tomorrow. Even though the skies were threatening and the forecast was for rain, the day was perfect for roofing and working outside. You can also see the "critter" that was found under some destroyed cabinets inside her home!

Cathy is getting walls underneath her home and will soon have her bedroom and bathroom back. The windows were going in along with the new patio doors. The winds right along the water were so strong today that the team was happy when that first wall went up as a wind breaker for them. When I went upstairs to check in with Cathy, who was painting walls, she broke into uncontrollable tears in thanks for all the team is doing. And it's only Tuesday!

Richard was having such a tough day that he needed to go home and get some oxygen but was enjoying the team branching into sheetrocking that he stayed put and stayed seated as much as possible. The team had one room completely done and another well on its way. Peggy was just too ill to make the trip today. Please keep the both of them in your prayers.

Teress now has her home completely gutted and will be waiting a couple of weeks to allow it to dry out before we come in and assess the structure of it. She, and we, realize that most likely it will not be able to be rebuilt and it's going to take her some time to deal with that decision when it does become final. She also needs prayer. She got quite attached to the team over the past two days and already talked of feeling lonely when they don't return tomorrow.

Nareen now has her house completely sided on the outside and was speechless at the thought of how much was accomplished over the past few days. Bethany finished with the first coat of mud on the family room walls and now Nareen and Clint will do a few things on their own and call back to us when they are ready for more help. This Convoy of Hope team has changed this couples life and in doing that -- changed their own. Part of this team heads home tomorrow morning while the others stay back for a couple more days. We will miss them greatly and feel blessed to have spent so much time with them. Pray for protection while they travel back to Missouri.

Randy's house got all the electric checked out today and will be ready for he and his bride to move in to this Saturday after their wedding. The electricians will return for a short time tomorrow to deal with a couple of lights and call it done until we can get more labor over to reattached the gutters that blew down in the storm. The gutters will not keep them from moving in so it's okay to back burner them for awhile.

Marie is now able to use a real toilet for the first time in 3 years -- yes --- 3 years! Plumbing issues were "unclogable" and required completely new lines to be dug and run. Something unaffordable for her and only made possible by the blessing of having a master plumber on this Georgia team! I can just picture her sitting there -- reading and enjoying the view -- just because she can!

Naomi's house is also coming back together and looking more and more like a home rather than a trashed and destroyed mess. She too will be back to a new normal before long.

Trying to keep up with all these jobs is quite interesting and completely awesome! I spent my entire day in San Leon either getting materials, checking on teams or relocating team members from one place to another. Monty managed to break away and come for a short time and was thrilled to have his picture taken with Hai!!! Then it was back to the camp.

Diane and Pastor and Phil spent their morning in a meeting in Houston making some outreach plans for the upcoming Vineyard national conference being held in Galveston this coming May. They are expecting around 2,000 Pastors and that takes quite a large amount of planning!

I just wish each of you could be here to truly experience all that is going on -- to see and feel the presence of God, to see how he is bonding teams with teams and homeowners with teams. Those bonds stretch across the cities and hopefully show the love God has for all of us! It is one of those things that MUST be experienced. I know my words are simple and can't bring you the emotion and feeling like being here does. But . . . it's all I've got and hopefully it warms your heart and brings a smile, and maybe a tear, as you read and come along with us on these missions of our lives!

Until next time . . . be blessed.

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