Friday, August 01, 2008

Welcome Frankfort, Indiana

Yes, they ARE hot, covered with blown in ceiling insulation and still smiling behind those masks!! You wonder how they can smile while being ankle deep in the stuff -- it's a God thing that happens when you come to volunteer and make yourselves available to do "whatever is needed."
Frankfort, IN arrived this morning with 13 team members. I don't think some of them really knew what they were getting themselves into based on their expressions upon entering Ms Peggy's home. Alot of it had already been gutted by another team but when she arrived this morning she found her ceilings caving in. The results of alot of moisture inside a home with flood waters way deep! The team got themselves decked in the proper "attire" and went to work. They were a bit unsure in the beginning but it didn't take long until they were literally (see photo) ankle deep in the stuff. There were no complaints, no whining, no pouting -- just happy to be doing something to help.
When they pulled up to the house I heard someone say that everything looked fine --- from the outside! Just open the doors and it's a persons worst nightmare!
Ms Peggy came to visit with them, along with her husband, and the team was thrilled to meet them and get to know them and hear their story.
When my mother arrived with their lunches (delivered right to their site) they had to take time for the photos -- and more photos -- and even more photos. My mom got a kick out of it as they made sure she was in the photos with them!
They worked the entire day and I have no doubt that seeing the showers when they arrived at the church was better than seeing a boatload of ice cream awaiting them. We made sure to let them know that a cool shower was a must --- insulation loves to seep into your pores when you add hot water!
Monty was busy arranging for the pickup of sheetrock for Terry's home tomorrow morning. He and some of the team will be heading to pick it up, load and then unload it only to pick it up again and hang it on the walls! Thanks to Dave from Columbus First Assembly for letting us , once again, borrow his amazing trailer!
I went to a city wide meeting held late this afternoon. It went into the evening but was a wonderful meeting open to all homeowners. It layed out each detail they are to follow to get them to the completion of their homes. Doug, executive director of the Bartholomew County Long Term Recovery Committee, did a wonderful job in explaining everything and then opening the floor for individual questions. Our case managers were there on site taking information from those who still don't have a case manager. This meeting was such a blessing to the community and brought hope to those who are so confused about which way to go and what to do next.
Last night Monty and I were blessed with dinner at Pastor and Tammy's home once again. It is so nice to sit down to a home cooked meal with a real family and be made to feel like a real part of that family! They are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary today --- congrats to you both and may God continue to richly bless you both!
Tomorrow we will be welcoming another team from our home church, The Vineyard, along with our Frankfort team which will grow by 2 people. They are driving in just for tomorrow. We pray safe travel for them as they head this direction.
We are still looking for teams of volunteers who are interested in coming to help and will leave with blessings poured back to themselves! If you are interested in sending a team or just coming with a couple of buddies please leave a comment at the end of the blog with your contact info and I will get back to you asap. If you already have our contact info just call!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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