Friday, August 29, 2008

3 years --- again?

Has it been 3 years since the lives of nearly everyone along the Gulf Coast faced a disaster like no other in history? Every home, if it was left standing, had lives of "trash" hauled to the streets to be taken to landfills.

And now they begin preparations all over again. The buses are rolling in to evacuate those who have no transportation of their own. The lines at the gas stations will grow longer and longer. Grocery stores are already facing barren shelves. Lives are once again facing loss, devastation and grief.

Relief agencies are preparing, lining up at a safe distance, ready to move in on a moments notice with water, food stuffs, emergency equipment and the like.

As I remember those we left behind when we relocated to Indiana it brings tears and hurts my heart! Even having been missionaries in disasters for nearly 3 years I still have a basketball in my stomach! I have spoken with many of our southern families, listened to their fear and prayed with them.

We all are speechless as we watch the weather channels, as we watch the news on this anniversary. I challenge each and every one to join in prayer -- prayer for those who wait, for this, and the storm behind it -- to fall apart!

We all know how Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples -- He is commander over all! We pray for His hand to reach out once again and calm the seas!

To all of our Gulf Coast families -- we love you and we are praying for you. If an evacuation is called for ---PLEASE LEAVE!! Life is more important than "things", no matter how valuable those things appear to be!

Thank you for your prayers -- prayer carries power like we cannot imagine -- we pray for that power to calm the seas and calm the hearts of those who wait!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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