Friday, August 22, 2008

No Answers

Please take note of the comment posted on yesterday's entry.
Yes, today was the funeral of the young mother, wife and teacher. At age 27 one would never dream life would end. One would never think a small daughter and premature son would be left motherless. A husband would never think he would be a widower and single father to those children. Yet today, it became a harsh reality. Sometimes there are no answers -- none that make any sense to those of us left here on earth. Only God has those answers! We don't have the answers but we do have faith -- faith in what God tells us -- Elana is in heaven with Him and in that -- we have atleast one answer!
Those living in Columbus, Indiana never thought they would flood. They never thought water would rise so high inside their homes that they would loose everything -- furniture, clothing, photos, heirlooms, things that can never be replaced. Sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes we only have our trust in God to get us through!
The above photos were taken at the UMCOR house as the foundation work continued today. Monty spent little time underneath -- the subflooring was replaced in the needed areas and the floors are now level. This team has been wonderful and will hopefully return to their homes realizing they made a huge difference in the life of this homeowner. She may not have answers as to why the flood happened but she is seeing the hand of God in those who come to help -- expecting nothing in return.
Take a minute and pray for this young family facing such a difficult road ahead. Take another minute and pray for those not only in Columbus but for all those who suffer such losses in disasters. Pray -- not that they would necessarily have the answers -- but that they would place their trust in the One who holds all the answers!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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