Monday, August 11, 2008


This was taken a couple of weeks ago when storm clouds were "brewing" overhead!

The past couple of days have been sharing days, sharing of so much information that is can make ones head spin!

Yesterday we were blessed to be able to share our "story" with the local church here in Columbus. They all know we are here and what we are doing but few knew how we got here and where we were before and what we were doing then. It's always an honor and blessing to share our backgrounds with them, to show them God's hand leading us day after day and now year after year. We always show the television DVD made of Mike and Faye and we always have tears flowing as they watch and listen -- Mike's line of "it makes you believe there really is a God" is the core of the message! Thanks to Pastor A for inviting us while he spent a much needed and long overdue weekend with his family!

Our evening was spent with my parents and hearing my dad say "we have a daughter again" meant the world to me! Being able to stop in and visit with them is something I have never been able to do in my adult life! We always end up laughing and remembering and truly enjoying being together. Thank you Lord, for bringing us here!

Today started off with more training -- training for our case managers. There is a great computer program where information from clients is stored and used and then used again as a resource for getting them back into their homes. It was a 4 hour training and full of useful information. Ivy Tech hosted us and even allowed for a morning session and an afternoon one to make it available for all the case managers.

From there it was back to the office area to catch up on things and prepare for an afternoon meeting with the volunteer subcommittee. This meeting was also filled with information sharing. Representatives from other subcommittees were there and the sharing of information between us is critical. For everyone to work together to accomplish the results we all must communicate! I always think of how pleased God must be when He sees all different denominations, all different occupations, all different races and cultures sitting at the same table with the same heart and the same goal -- help the people! Don't we wish that could be the case all over the world!

We are all planning on quite a few volunteers coming to the area next month. School will be back in session which brings some sort of normal back to households. We are thrilled to know they are coming as the need is so great and skills are crucial! If you haven't scheduled a time to come how about looking at your calendars and seeing what you have open? Teams can be large or small, a team of 2 is still a team! We have the housing and we have the work -- we just need YOU!

We'll be waiting to hear from you! We'll be ready to share information as to how you can help!

"The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few."

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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