Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Her turn finally came

Yes, our neighbor Shelley has always wanted to come and volunteer with us ever since we left nearly 3 years ago and headed to the Gulf Coast. Time after time she would come and visit with us when we made a quick trip home, telling us how much she wanted to come. Her heart was pulling her but her job was pulling her in the other direction.

Today was her day! She was off work and made the trip to come and help in any way she could. She is also our Walmart connection and since we did not make it home this past weekend to pick up the items donated she loaded her own van and brought them to us today.

She and the others that were volunteering in the Hope Outreach were quick to start opening the boxes and enjoy Christmas in August! So many wonderful things that will go to so many people in need!

After lunch I went and found that she was shop vaccing the sanctuary! The shop vac was her donation to the church! They are trying to prepare for the incoming carpeting and Shelley knew the cement floors needed a thorough cleaning. She spent nearly the entire afternoon working away and not leaving one spot missed.

By the end of the day she was covered in dust but it didn't phase her. She brought a change of clothes, washed up as best as she could in the one sink still usable and met her friend for dinner!

I love it when God puts a plan together! Only He knew when the right time would be for her. With the beginning of all schools, including the local university, just around the corner she will not have another day off for nearly 2 months! But today was the day she had been waiting for!

For Monty and I -- seeing our own neighbor working so hard and yet with a smile on her face --- priceless!

When will YOUR day come? Will you miss it? I hope not! God has amazing blessings just waiting for you!

Until next time . . . We love you Shelley! Susan and Monty

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