Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here and There

Before I get into anything else -- thank you for the prayers for my daughter's neighbor family -- I do not have an update from her yet but will be sure and let you know when I do get one! PLEASE continue the prayers.

We made it back to Columbus yesterday morning with our newly repaired 5th wheel -- home sweet home! I am still amazed how much I feel at home in a confined space these days! It's nice to see it as it should be and not have to look at the damaged side any more. Thanks State Farm!

We were pleased to see the carpeting going into the sanctuary -- slow as it might be. Pastor is less than thrilled with their speed, their incorrect measurements in some places and a few other issues to which we welcomed him into the world of construction! :) It looks fantastic and they have scheduled September 7th to be the first Sunday service back in the new/old building. We are all excited and thrilled at the thought! Praise the Lord and lay the carpet!

This morning began with our weekly case management meeting. Some were at training, some were at employment meetings and some were on vacation but it was a great meeting. We are progressing well and VERY anxiously awaiting the construction subcommittee to have their folks rounded up so we can begin getting full estimates of damage to homes. Please pray that the right people are placed in these positions and for God to pour out His blessings upon them as they do His work!

We were blessed to welcome CRWRC (Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) to our table this morning. This organization comes into disaster areas and does incredible assessments. Their services are completely free -- and that includes the computer program they leave behind for us to access and expand upon! They will be here for the next 2 weeks, some walking the streets checking on people, some located in strategic areas taking walk in appointments with people -- doing anything and everything they can to reach everyone they can. All to hopefully avoid those who have a tendency to fall through the cracks of the system. There are around 20 of them, all retired who come at their own expense. For dinner last night they were fed by my Mother's church who feeds anyone who comes in their door on Monday night! In Columbus one can find such "hot meals" every single night of the week -- all for free! What an amazing blessing, not only to the community but to folks like these who come to serve the community at their own expense! Thanks to CRWRC and to all who made their trip possible!

The case managers continue to work one on one with the people here. We get new clients every single day and with the FEMA deadline passed we see them coming quicker and in greater numbers. Pray that these case managers will have the strength and the --- everything --- they need to get the job done! They are the heart and soul of the relief effort --- they are angels!

Monty continues going out into the community checking homes, talking with the homeowners, giving them rebuilding guidance and working with the case managers to do both! I teasingly tell people he is meeting other women every day!!! God bless him!

Our evening ends with Pastor's weekly Bible Study -- just the shot in the arm we need to keep us all going! None of us can "give to others" without being fed ourselves!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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