Sunday, August 17, 2008

Special Prayer Request

Today is my daughter's birthday -- she just gave birth to our second grandchild (a girl) a couple of months ago.

Today she learned some tragic news about their neighbors and I would ask for "super" prayers for this family.

The husband in this family just took the position of principle at the brand new high school here in town. School started this past week.

His wife has shared many pregnancy stories with my daughter, hers being due in November. They also have a daughter who is 20 months old.

My daughter said the mother was telling how difficult this pregnancy has been, how she has had troubles breathing.

Yesterday she went into premature labor and died! Yes, the mother died! No one knows any details at this time as to why.

The baby boy is alive and thought to be in an Indianapolis hospital, hanging on.

This leaves a father of a 20 month old little girl, a wife who just died (at the age of 32), a son clinging to life and a new job in a new school! Life is tough!

Many times we have questions as to why things happen the way they do. Many times we don't have answers.

We must trust in our Lord at these times --- and we MUST pray!!

Please pray for this father, for this little daughter and for all the families involved in this unexplained tragedy!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

Please let Stacey know that heartfelt prayers are being said for her neighbor for strength to indure this huge tragedy. Also for his ability to see beyond today for his children. I also pray for those tiny gifts from God to be blessed with many things, yet to be known.

Anonymous said...

Today was Elana's memorial service & I think every student at Bloomington South High School was was present. This is a teacher who touched the hearts of many of her students & I know she will be deeply missed by all. Ny parayers & thoughts go out to her husband, daughter, new son (still in a Chicago hospital)and the rest of her family.