Saturday, August 09, 2008

Indiana doubled

It's been a busy couple of days and today it continued with 2 teams from the great home state; Bloomington Vineyard and Columbus Faith Victory churches showed up in full force and ready to work!
Faith Victory was placed in 2 different homes; Bob and Mary's work continued and a new project for Bertha was started.
At Bob and Mary's they continued with last minute sheetrock finishing touch ups, properly sizing and installing all the interior doors and priming the walls in preparation for painting. As God always does, He sent us just the people we needed -- a sheetrock finisher and interior carpenter who's speciality is doors! Isn't God amazing!
At Bertha's they continued with the gutting out of her home. She literally lives on the river and even though it's an amazing view that view isn't nearly as nice when the water starts rising and comes inside the home! This team worked so very hard and did such a great job! There is still much to be done but it will get done one day at a time and one team at a time.
Our Vineyard crew returned for their 3rd Saturday in a row. Rob brought Keith, his son Jonathan and his friend, Luke to work for the day. They all returned to Bruce's house where Rob installed all the kitchen cabinets, Keith touched up with finishing the sheetrock and the boys wheelbarrowed flood dirt that was piled up in the back of the church parking lot over to Bruce's where they filled in the block wall Rob rebuilt last weekend. There is no longer a hole next to the wall and we no longer have a pile of flood dirt in the parking lot! One man's trash is another man's treasure!!! God at work again!
All the team members enjoyed another lunch provided by my mother's church, First United Methodist Church. They work up quite a hunger in what they do and mom and her friends always make sure there is more than enough to fill them up! Thanks mom!
Along with all of that going on today we were able to see the work coming along inside the church. The tile flooring is being done and the painting looks awesome! The carpeting has been delayed ( a bit) but everything is coming together. All of the colors and patterns have been chosen and now it's just putting them all together to create a beautiful place to come and worship our awesome God!
Will you be worshipping tomorrow?
That brings me to a special prayer request for our special Pastor friend back in Mississippi, Pastor Lavoy. His mother, who lives in Florida, was injured in a nasty fall and could surely use your prayers for healing and strength. He is currently with her and we pray God's touch for the entire family! Pastor Lavoy --- we miss you more than you know! Please send our love to everyone there!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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