Monday, August 25, 2008

Peace, Prayer & Service

Sunset on the Gulf--sites I will never forget -- sites that remind me of Pastor Dave's message yesterday -- peace! There's just something so peaceful in a sunset over the water.

All weekend we kept our eye on Tropical Storm Fay -- waiting to see where she was heading and how quickly. We kept in touch with Ms Faye in MS and she was doing well, getting a bit of rain but no real wind -- as of Saturday evening anyway.

We were able to spend a couple of days at home for the weekend, seeing our church family and being refueled a bit. As I said, Pastor Dave's message was about peace and it just made me realize so many things about it -- how we are responsible for what we feel inside -- it's a choice we make. God promises us a peace that is beyond human understanding yet we still doubt -- must have something to do with satan!

We were also blessed to be able to attend the city wide prayer session last night. It was held in the auditorium of one of the high schools. We literally brought the churches into the school, even if the school was closed. I know the peace and prayers that were brought in there stayed there. There was even a special prayer for Elana, she was a teacher there and her loss is being felt throughout the school! It was an amazing thing to be able to congregate and concentrate our prayers on the city! Watch what God does next!

Speaking of Elana, my daughter reports that the baby, named Lane, after his mother, is hanging on in the hospital up in Chicago. Please continue your prayers, for the entire family!

This morning we made our quick trip back to Columbus and into the thick of things immediately. I checked in on the case managers, who were doing great as usual, before heading off to a meeting with the volunteer subcommittee. The main issue facing that committee is locating housing for the incoming volunteers. Monty and I are blessed to have Petersville United Methodist open its doors for us and our teams. There are many who are waiting to come through the United Way and we are desperate to locate adequate housing. The committee will be reaching out to other local churches and we pray a location will be found. Local volunteers have been coming at a pretty steady rate during the summer months but they have lessened and the ones from out of state are calling and ready to come. Up to now they have had to find their own housing but that needs to be taken care of for the long term. We pray a church, or churches, will recognize the need and step in to fill it.

This evening we went to my parents' church to help my mother serve the Hot Meals program they have every Monday night. They serve a wonderful meal to whomever comes in the doors. Tonight that totaled over 80 people! It's alot of work to plan and prepare the meal, arrange for the volunteers to do the serving and then clean up everything. My mom had been there most of the day and yet still left with a smile on her face! I think I know where I get part of my heart of service to others!! :) Monty also enjoys being there and visiting with the folks.

I am also excited because my brother who lives in Florida, Ross, will be flying in tomorrow evening and spending a week at my parents' home. Usually I only get to see him once when he comes home and now I can see him whenever I want -- isn't God amazing! He placed us right here, in the middle of family -- as Pastor Dave says, "God is all about relationships!"

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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