Saturday, August 02, 2008

Indiana times two

What a day they had! The breezes came from the north, the sun was shining and they were ready to go this morning -- almost! The crew from Frankfort felt a few new muscles from their work yesterday and also found out more than a few of them snore! Oh the joys of mission trips!
They were joined by our home church team, for their second Saturday of volunteering.
We had 4 jobs that needed done today and after a big huddle meeting they divided themselves into teams that had the two cities mixed together!
Part of them headed out with Monty to pick up the sheetrock for a single mother. Monty borrowed the trailer from our friend Dave, at church. This home was a bit north of town and needed sheetrock hung -- after moving "stuff" around. This single mother is forced to live in her home while it is being repaired so household things must be moved, then moved again to get work done. They rose to the occasion and were there all day accomplishing their goal.
Another part of the mixed team headed back to Bruce's where Rob lead the crew in finishing the inside sheetrock and he took on the task of rebuilding the block wall that caved in during the flood and trapped Bruce in the basement. Rob had his own personal assistant from Frankfort and no doubt this gentleman knows how to lay block by now! The wall is to perfection and the walls are nearly ready for priming and painting. Bruce has a terminal smile on his face!
The last of the mixed team headed out for two jobs -- in one day. The first required them to crawl underneath a home and spray a bleach solution to kill any possible mold from the flooding. The single mother has an autistic son and the men on this team were able to reach this child in a way no one else had before. I hear ministry at work!! Now this team was predominately women based but let me tell you - those women rose to the occasion and mastered the task. A couple of the men did most of the spraying and then the team headed to job two -- a woman needing the rest of her home gutted and the massive clean up process that follows that. She told the story of how her little 14 year old dog survived the flood by swimming across the house! The dog is now terrified for her to leave his side! If animals have this kind of reaction doesn't it make you wonder about children?! As you can see by the photos the women packed a punch when it came to cleaning. Crow bars and hammers were mastered quickly and at the end of the day the homeowner was thrilled beyond words.
My mother and I had the fun job of taking lunches to all of the teams in their work locations. Yes, her church was at it again and this team was just overwhelmed at how much nicer that made their day. They didn't have to stop working and try and clean up enough to then try and find someplace quick to eat. I only wish my mother could've been here as they gathered at the end of their day to hear their appreciation! And if she only knew how nice it is for me to be able to spend time with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's still amazing to watch a crew of people from different cities, from different churches (Frankfort represented 3 churches) come together and represent Jesus in all they do and wherever they go! Frankfort told how they ate dinner at a local restaurant last night and when the conversation came up as to why they were here and what they were doing they were given a 10% discount on their meals!! God at work!
As they gathered around at the end of the day and discussed all different parts of their day they all realized just how blessed they had been in return! It is our blessing to see this happen again and again with teams and realize that God touched their hearts and they will be forever changed!
We pray safe travel for all of them as they headed home. They are a bit tired, a bit more sore in spots but their hearts are bursting with joy, the joy of the Lord!
We thank them all for coming! We thank their families for sharing them with us. We invite them all to return -- and how about you? Want some of that joy in your life? It's as easy as letting us know when you want to come!
Rob and our home church are dedicated to coming again next Saturday and for the first two Saturdays of each month -- for as long as it takes! Rob, Pat and Cheryl -- you have NO idea how much we love you all --- see you next week!
Lets all go to our place of worship tomorrow and rejoice in the blessings we have that we so easily take for granted!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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