Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beginning . . .

This pile is whats left from the church basement.

Today quite a few trips were made to the local salvage yard! It might be the last day of clean up for awhile. Things need to dry out some and then see how much more clean up will need to be done.

I think I spent nearly my entire day on the phone! Things are happening quickly and keeping up with them is a full time job!

We received emails and phone calls from all areas of the nation, all wanting to come and help. Most are wanting to know what they can do right now to be of some help. We have some churches putting together cleaning kits, a bucket filled with all sorts of heavy duty cleaning items. We have others who are making personal hygiene kits for adults and kids. There are many people who are not showering at home and need to transport things back and forth. And there are those who have nothing to transport.

Sometime after the first of July we will start with the process of scheduling volunteer teams. We are currently working on housing ( my dear mother is in charge of this) :) Her church has volunteered to make and deliver lunches to ALL volunteer teams who come and work with us! This has been their ministry since the storm and what a blessing it has been! And they don't just make peanut and butter sandwiches either --- the menu today was spaghetti with all the fixins! So if working in rebuilding doesn't strike your fancy -- maybe the free homecooked lunches will?! Hey -- whatever it takes!

We are also blessed to have our safety equipment contact over in Illinois who is shipping us a load of masks, gloves and rubber boots! Gary --- you are such an enormous blessing!!!! All I had to do was pick up the phone!!! Bless you!

Another call came in with a large donation of water that will be working its way to us. Water is something you just cannot have too much of! We might be able to live without food for a few days but never without water!

For all of you who have called, emailed or contacted someone who contacted us --- thank you and bless you! We are working as quickly as we can in getting things relocated from the south to here and we feel so blessed to be doing what we can to rebuild lives by rebuilding homes and show Jesus to those who have their eyes wide open looking for Him.

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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