Saturday, June 14, 2008

Faces of service

These are just a few of the faces of service from today, the 3rd day of handing out relief supplies. The sun was hot, beating down on everyone leaving most looking quite red before the day was half over. No one complained, they just loaded and loaded and loaded vehicles with supplies. Some were going out into the neighborhoods to reach those who couldn't get in. Others were families with nothing, just looking for a ray of hope. EVERYONE received prayer before they left and ALL felt better as they drove away.
Our "guesstimated" total of families that were served over the past 3 days is around 1500! And there are 1500 homes damaged from the flooding. One of those God-things!
The newspaper is full of stories but one that caught my eye was entitled "Helping Hands, Churches show support, hope to flood victims." If I might quote a line: "The furry of floods and tornados remind us that we are just little people after all. With all of our advancement there are foces at work that are much greater than we. In that reality we find what we need more than most anything . . . humility. Humility allows us to do what we were created to do . . . care for one another even over our own wants or desires." Quite powerful, isn't it! And even more --- truth to the core!
I could give you all sorts of statistics but I would rather share an email I received this evening. This explains another side of ministry that takes place in disaster ministry -- the kind that happens within the teams of volunteers that come to serve.
"I was one of the workers who helped distribute goods Friday at church. When I volunteered I had no idea where my collegue and I would be placed. It was exciting that God placed us with other believers to serve the needy in Columbus, but also to serve our great God!
As a side note of what God was doing with this day was the opportunity for my collegue to see the body of Christ at work.
He is from India and is a nominal Hindu. The time he had to serve with other Christians raised questions on our trip home, which included the opportunity to share with him, in detail, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
What a joy to see how God opened this door.
He was not ready to respond because he is caught with a "good works" mentality, but he now knows the reason Christ had to die for every one of us.
You never know at the beginning of the day what God is going to do, but this day was one of multiple blessings and you guys were a part of that blessing.
Thanks for your servant hearts."
Pretty powerful stuff!
We hope all of you fathers have a wonderful and blessed Father's Day! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my daddy for the Christian upbringing and the example of service he has set before me my entire life! Love you Daddy!
Until next time . . . Be sure and take a look at the blogspot that the Pastor of the church we have been working from keeps! It's awesome and will shed a new light on things happening. You can find him at
Blessings, Susan and Monty

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