Friday, June 27, 2008

100 Miles and --- BAM!

It's nearing midnight on Friday night and even though I should be in bed from sheer exhaustion my mind is still running the race.

We did make it back to IN, with our rig -- but it wasn't easy! We really did well yesterday in getting everything broken down and stored away, clients in MS turned back over to Rebuild Jackson County and saying goodbye to Pastor Lavoy. By the middle of the afternoon we were hooked up and pulling out of MS. Monty had planned to drive into the late night to get as many hours behind us as possible, making today a much shorter trip. NOT!!!!

We had only been on the road for about 100 miles, clear and sunshine and hot day when all of a sudden, at 65 miles per hour one of the tires on the rig blew! And I mean blew! Not just one of those air "leaving" type of flat -- it blew so hard that it blew off a side piece of the rig, the underneath insulation and sheeting and left absolutely nothing of tread! We have no idea what happened and most likely never will. We did get pulled off the side of the interstate and eased up to the next exit where we could pull to the side. Monty got the extra jack out and started changing to the spare when a very nice gentleman came along side and offered his help. We didn't need much physical help but he was such amazing verbal support that we knew he was heaven sent. He even made sure he prayed for us before he left!!

As I crossed the road to try and read a phone number off a sign that might be a company that could get us another spare tire another heaven sent driver came by. He was from the Alabama Forestry Division and knew just the person to call. We had to drive north another 20 miles to the next town where that tire company was. The man was there with the spare ready but also told us to not be surprised if we blew another one on the trip as the tires are older than we thought. Not a comforting thought but it was what we had to go on.

After this 3 hour delay we realized we hadn't had a thing to eat since early morning and it was way past dinner time so we found a little local spot and within the next hour we were back on the road again. It was now dark and with both our nerves quite shot we decided the safest thing was to pull off for the night and start early this morning.

We did just that and over 12 hours later we arrived home! We were only a couple hours from home when a terrible storm came through and added more nerves to our already frayed ones but we made it through. Another evening where we were way past our dinner hour and just as we were leaving the restaurant yet another storm blew up! This one had the skies black, winds blowing all directions but we still trudged through and are now safe and sound at home.

God literally wrapped his angels around us for the remainder of the miles today and we are so thankful that even with the troubles we were able to see Him covering us with His protection and love! I kept thinking that we are for sure making the right move as satan was doing all he could to keep us from getting here! We have learned to recognize his tactics and know he always looses!

We will be resting --- really resting --- over the next 2 days before heading back into Columbus to set up house in the church parking lot. We are excited to get to work. Pastor A and his team have set up the Hope outreach where they are giving out most anything anyone would need and have done such a wonderful job in blessing so many who have lost so much! It will be an honor to come along side them and see what God has in store for all of us!

We thank you for your prayers of safe travel as we felt them, in the literal sense!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Pastor Donald Andreasen said...

Praise God for the safe trip in spite of all that you had to endure.
(Guess what...our church van broke down on the way back home from youth camp...think the devil is mad at what good things are coming out of the GREAT FLOOD OF '08?? Lives are being transformed by the power of Jesus Christ!!)

Welcome home to Columbus! We've been waiting for you to return. You've been missed this week.

See ya soon...


Pastor Andreasen, CFA