Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching up?

Over the past couple of days we have tried to catch up on a few things in our own home. When you are gone for extended periods of time like we are there are always things that need done when you return.
We are blessed to have our lawn mowed by our dear friends, Gary and Vicky. Yesterday I got to mow -- and if you know me you know that is something I truly enjoy! Monty even joined me (and he doesn't enjoy lawn work) and we got some dead shrubs pulled out and others trimmed. It's days like those that I treasure.
Our neighborhood also had a garage sale and from the looks of the vehicles parked in every corner they did well. I was content to watch from the sidelines! :)
Even within the catching up we are working with disaster relief. Two of our own church family members had flooding in their basements. Steve and Raetta have theirs gutted and are, with the help of Rob (he and the team recreated Ms Darlene's house in MS) they are in the rebuilding stages. They smiled when we pulled up with our truck marked "Disaster Response" realizing that it had really hit home!
Our other family, Dave and Tina, aren't near the rebuilding yet. They are still sorting through everything that was in their basement. They had plenty of friends and family there walking them through the painful process of realizing that some memories must go to the dumpster! Finding photos that you thought were safely stored away and realizing they are ruined can be both painful and emotional but with the help of family and friends they will make it!
We are also working, via cell phones, with our clients in MS. We will be turning them over to Carla at Rebuild Jackson County and know they will be in good hands. It's difficult to work so closely with them, to see and feel what they are going through, and then need to turn them over to someone else. They become family and that involves emotions!
We did have the unexpected pleasure of meeting with a church located about 30 minutes from us this morning. Our dear friend, Stacey, attends this church and she knew her pastor would be interested in this disaster ministry and want to hear more about it. She was right! We spent some time with him and were invited back to do an entire service next month. It is always a blessing to share our hearts with those who truly understand. Thanks Stacey!
Tomorrow we will be traveling to another church located on the east side of Columbus. This was scheduled before the flooding happened so it must be a God-thing! My mother's best friend invited us and we pray they will also capture the vision of ministry within disaster response.
So many things going on, so many directions, and still planning on the travel back to MS to load up our rig and head to the church parking lot in Columbus. As I thought about all those directions yesterday and today I realized even more just how blessed we are to be walking so closely with our Lord!
We pray for Columbus First Assembly as tomorrow they will once again hold their worship service in a borrowed location. BUT -- God is moving within that entire congregation and Pastor A is experiencing the awesome love and provision promised by God. We'll be anxious to hear all about it when we return to Columbus on Monday!
Celebrate the promises of our Lord when you attend your church tomorrow!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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